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  • amoonsinger
    The LK150 is a midgauged machine at 6.5mm as the needle gauge. Nice machines they are, I have one but don t have it together yet. Like yours someone spilled
    Message 1 of 74 , Jun 22, 2011
      The LK150 is a midgauged machine at 6.5mm as the needle gauge. Nice machines they are, I have one but don't have it together yet. Like yours someone spilled something on it, soda I think, and messed up about half the needles. Some were saveable some not, but I have not order replacements yet. I have to take the bed a part into sections to clean that as it is a mess. Been too busy crocheting some baby things for a shower this coming weekend. It has taken me the last couple of months to design what my daughter wanted me to make for her. I have done her a Mickey Mouse diaper set, a shrek diaper set, and a dino diaper set.

      The machines work quite well as soon as you learn what they like and don't like. I had lots of frustrations in the beginning but it is better now. Unlike what many people think it isn't an automatic sit and just make anything you want.

      Now the LK150 has some nice functions but not all that some of the better machines can do. There is lots of hand manipulations that need to be done but even doing those it is faster then needle knitting. I made a circular baby afghan in just two evenings (no daytime was available to machine knit), and now have it almost edged in crochet. That was on a brother kx350, much like the lk150, but with less functions. That piece was done in ten hours and would have been less if I didn't keep blowing it and having to rip out rows. Ah the mistakes we make.

      Bad thing the child playing with the machine needles. They are quite sharp and can cause great damage. I have put them through fingers twice and that is not fun, they rip. So do take care in him being around the machine.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ4PG9QyURM That is a youtube video of the LK150 in use.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Euhh-qNYSkE&feature=related This video shows some hand manipulated stitches. Don't let the fancier machine fool you though as this can be done on the very basic machine, like the lk15m also. Using the methods that Susan teaches you can easily do cables, and many other things. She has a book and a video that goes with the book you can get if you ever fill you are to this point. Then she has an advanced book on bridging.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS5cfOtxO6U&feature=related Then we come to Diana. Oh so awesome. Diana does from beginning videos to advanced ones. She can take a person from knowing nothing to being a full fledged machine knitter in no time at all. She does use machines that are the fancier ones, but she shows cast on's, bind off's, and many other things that are used on all machines. So this is a person to really check out in videos, but there are others on you tube as well.

      Sure hope this helps you to get started. It love being able to needle, loom, and machine knit. One technique is good for me for one thing, one for another, and then one for another. I love the variety I get from them and I do mix and match them with crochet (which is by the way my first love).


      --- In ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com, Denise O DANIELS <calray5249@...> wrote:
      > it was a silver reed xl 150.it has everything with it but the tools and the manual.
      > i got the manual free online.someone sent it to me.my hubby copied it off at his work for me and
      > bound it in a notebook fashion for me.and a friend online sent me tools.all i need is clamps
      > i plan on going to home depot to look for some cheapers one that what i would get online.
      > i replaced the bar foam with weather stripping.u get it at the hardware store or home depot.it
      > works perfect.some of the needles were stuck as in rusted.i put them in some gun oil to get it off.
      > it helped and it was heck to unstick them.they were stuck at the look
      > at this machine(i had finally taken it out of hiding cause they had moved out.but they are back).i told him dont think about this machine.
      > and of course i told him sweet and funny.he comes out with the needles pulled out and a hand full of needles in his hands and says look nammy! i can show u how to put them back in.well they were in.another time i go in there and he has all his army men all over the
      > knitting machine.next i figured i would go in and he would have one of his army men tied up on the leader wire ariel thingy with the
      > man flying off of it.
      > hugs denise
    • amoonsinger
      I looked for patterns but couldn t find any that weren t really expensive. So I made them up as I went. The only things that had patterns, and I changed all
      Message 74 of 74 , Jun 29, 2011
        I looked for patterns but couldn't find any that weren't really expensive. So I made them up as I went. The only things that had patterns, and I changed all but one, was the booties (changed), and the diaper cover. For Shrek and the mouse set.

        The dino set is one I saw a hat somewhere someone had made and loved it. My two grandson's are really into to dinosaurs and thought they would love their little brother having this. Now I am making hats and booties for them.


        --- In ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com, Crystal Lima <thegraywolf77@...> wrote:
        > I absolutely LOVE this. And the mickie mouse set and the dragon set. They're
        > gorgeous. Is there a pattern?
        > --
        > -Crystal
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