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  • shreiman@comcast.net
    ... From: amoonsinger m_j_pettit@yahoo.com Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 21:11:48 -0000 To: ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com Subject: [ROUNDLOOMS] Re: small round
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
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      Original Message:
      From: amoonsinger m_j_pettit@...
      Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 21:11:48 -0000
      To: ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ROUNDLOOMS] Re: small round looms-help


      Well, first I need to know just what size of loom you are using.  Are <BR>
      you making an adult, youth, child, or baby/newborn.  The average is<BR>
      for <BR>
      a small finished size 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches, medium 7 to 8 inches,<BR>
      and <BR>
      large to extra large is 8 to 9 inches.<BR>
      Making it is simple just choose the type of yarn, how thick you want<BR>
      it <BR>
      and you go from there.  For example using a chunky yarn you might<BR>
      only <BR>
      want one strand of yarn, doing two wraps and pulling one stitch over <BR>
      the top.  If you want to use worsted weight yarn you can do one<BR>
      strand <BR>
      and do three wraps and pull the bottom stitch over the top two or<BR>
      four <BR>
      wraps and pull the bottom stitch over the top three.  Then there is<BR>
      the <BR>
      wrapping with two strands held together.  You can wrap twice and pull <BR>
      the bottom over the top, or choose to make it much thicker by<BR>
      wrapping <BR>
      three times and pulling the bottom one over the top two.  <BR>
      The best thing is to do some swatches to see just what it is you<BR>
      would <BR>
      like to have for yourself.<BR>
      Now taking it off.  That also depends.  Do you want a gathered top.  <BR>
      Then you just work till it is the size you need your hat and then cut <BR>
      the yarn long enough to pick up the stitches off the loom for <BR>
      gathering.  So work till there is only 1 stitch on all pegs.  Now cut <BR>
      the yarn from the ball, leaving a strand several inches long.  Put<BR>
      this <BR>
      strand in a yarn needle.  Now using the needle put it through the<BR>
      first <BR>
      stitch on the peg, pull it all the way through.  Now pull the stitch <BR>
      off the peg and go to the next peg and do the same thing.  When all <BR>
      stitches are off the pegs, pull the yarn strand to gather the top <BR>
      closed.  Finish it off and hide the ends.  You are now done and have <BR>
      Now if you want a flat top, you know the kind they put a tassle on<BR>
      the <BR>
      two side ends, well that calls for the flat method removal.  You need<BR>
      a <BR>
      crochet hook, depending on the gauge of the loom different sizes.  So <BR>
      if these looms you are using are the knifty knitters that is a large <BR>
      gauged loom.  So I use a size K hook, my choice.  I start at the<BR>
      first <BR>
      peg and pick up a stitch to put on the crochet hook.  Now pick up the <BR>
      stitch on the next peg and pull it through the first stitch you<BR>
      picked <BR>
      up.  You are back to one stitch on the hook.  Pick up the next and<BR>
      pull <BR>
      it through.  Do this all the way around the loom.  I then finish off<BR>
      by <BR>
      pulling the main yarn through the last stitch.  <BR>
      Now since it is going to be flat, you can continue to use the crochet <BR>
      hook to slip stitch closed by folding the piece in half and going <BR>
      through both sides or you can choose to sew it.<BR>
      Hope this helps.  I want to say sorry in advance for any mistakes in <BR>
      typing there might be.  Since yahoo made its changes I cannot see <BR>
      everything I am typing so the words off to the side of the screen I <BR>
      have to take as a "I think I got it right".  LOL<BR>
      --- In ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com, "shreiman" <shreiman@c...> wrote:<BR>
      > <BR>
      > I am makeing my first hat. I need a tutorial. I need to know how<BR>
      long <BR>
      > to make it and how to take if off loom and finish it off. Pauline<BR>


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