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Re: [ROUNDLOOMS] A question about short row shaping

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  • Loomin' Tanya
    ... Thanks, Jill! -- Tanya Wheatley
    Message 1 of 2 , May 24, 2009
      On 5/24/09, Jill Serr <jserr@...> wrote:
      > I always use 1/2 the pegs for the heel on a loom. That's what you do also
      > for hand knit socks using knitting needles and also for the Antique Circular
      > Sock Knitting machine. Although I use the Circular sock machine most of the
      > time, because I can knit a pair of ribbed socks in about 2 hours, I like to
      > have a portable project to take with me when we're driving or just watching
      > TV. I guess it's because I like, also, a variety of ways to make things, so
      > I don't get bored!

      Thanks, Jill!

      Tanya Wheatley
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