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Sorry for typos, I didn't click send the computer clicked send! (not my day!)

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  • suedarn
    ... yarn ... get
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2008
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      --- In ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com, "suedarn" <suedarn@...> wrote:
      > But they flagfed this one as spam and itis not spam. I had to get it
      > out of the spam box just now:
      > "Re: Ravelry was: Re: [ROUNDLOOMS] Is it necessary to use chunky
      yarn "
      > Sorry it took so long to see the spam and sorry it took so long to
      > thisone out ofthe Spam box. Yaho has amind of it's own.
      > -sd (mod)
      > (Who wishes hehadtime to loom again. Maybe one day!)
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