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Re: I just sent out 8 charity packages

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  • newknitter2000
    Hi Iris - Wow, what a wonderful thing you are doing for needy people. I have a question for you about donating to local charities. How do I go about finding
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      Hi Iris -

      Wow, what a wonderful thing you are doing for needy people. I have a
      question for you about donating to local charities. How do I go
      about finding local charities in my area? The only donation idea
      that came to me was donating to the needy via the local schools.

      A little info about me: I am new to loom knitting. My first loom is
      an afgan loom (36" oval) and I just odered mitten and hat looms - all
      looms are from The Knitting Loom Company.

      Thanks for your help :o)

      --- In ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com, Iris <yarngalus@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone,
      > I *just* sent out eight (8) packages to different
      > charities who help people in need. I have been loom
      > knitting since Spring and through the Summer. I made
      > about 48 or so hats and one scarf for charity (scarves
      > take *weeks*, to make one scarf, so I mostly make hats
      > now). Here are the charities I jsut sent these
      > packages out to:
      > All Crafts 4 Charity (AC4C) September projects:
      > One (1) hat, 1 package of crayons, 1 package of
      > toothbrushes, and 1 package of pencils to Bev and her
      > daughter Patti at "Bag It". I also (for "Bag It")
      > donated ten (10) hats to Passages domestic violence
      > shelter and ten (10) hats to New Horizons domestic
      > violence shelter, two *local* DV shelters. I also try
      > to make warm things for these two local(SW Wisconsin)
      > shelters each year. I also sent ten (10) hats to
      > Milwaukee Mission (a homeless shelter) and to Pacific
      > Garden Mission (a homeless shelter in Chicago).
      > I also sent out four (4) baby hats to Carewear,
      > another AC4C charity for September.
      > ___________________________________________Here are
      > *more* hats and one scarf I sent to charities just
      > now:
      > Two (2) loom knitted hats and one (1) warm scarf,
      > which took me three weeks to loom knit, to Santa Train
      > charity knit along project.
      > One (1) hat to Crossnore Scool (a children's live-in
      > school for abandoned, neglected, and abused children
      > in North Carolina)
      > *******************************************Okay, this
      > was a lot of packages! I told the kind lady at the
      > Post Office that I am sending the packages to
      > charities, and she helped me to get the lowest
      > shipping prices (she took the time to weigh and to
      > compare parcel post, first class, and Priority Mail
      > prices for me. I only do Priority Mail if it is less
      > than a dollar's difference between sending it parcel
      > post and Priority Mail). I am in a small town, so she
      > had more time to help me, than if I lived in a big
      > city.
      > I am very *happy* to do this, it is also therapeutic
      > for me, relaxing to do, and fun, and I thank God that
      > I did this and will try to do more over the months
      > making mostly warm loom knitted hats (and perhaps a
      > couple of scarves) for charity.
      > I have enough of my own hats and scarves already made
      > for me, and my family has enough hats and scarves from
      > me, to keep them warm (they thanked me and told me to
      > make the rest for charity).
      > Anyway, can you believe this: the loom knitting is a
      > good "habit" for me, lol, and I'm making more hats, as
      > I can, for charity.
      > =====
      > Take Care & Stay Safe, Iris
      > I enjoy making things for people in need. Please read about it
      > http://community.webtv.net/Weavergal56/WEAVERGALS
      > Iris' Knitting Loom and Knitting Board Hobby Webpage:
      > http://community.webtv.net/sari56/IrisKnittingLoomand
      > Please don't send any forwards or jokes to me. Thanks.
      > __________________________________
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