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Finished Projects: Crocheted afghan and My first booty and knitted scarf finished, I'm ecstatic

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  • Jamie Prater
    Hey, all you fellow crafters out there!!! I wanted to rejoice and have all you share my joy. I ve finished several projects lately. I ve knitted my first
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2004
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      Hey, all you fellow crafters out there!!!  I wanted to rejoice and have all you share my joy.  I've finished several projects lately.  I've knitted my first scarf, a doll's scarf, minus the fringe--had trouble, might try again later, don't know yet on the wooden tiny trainer loom from decoraccents, Inc., a company in Utah that makes wooden looms for those who do not know about this company's fine products.  I learned to wrap this loom in a figure eight style and that's something I've been trying to do for a couple of years since I got a plastic knitting jenny.  The scarf came out great and I got it off the loom well. 
      Secondly, I finished making squares for my brother's queen-sized bed afghan that I've been working on for several years, didn't mean for it to take that long, but it was hard making all those squares as I didn't know when I started that you could make different sized squares and such.  I'm glad to be through and am going to get help sewing it together. 
      Last but not least, I made my first baby booty on the baby booty loom from decoraccents.  It is a tube booty as I've not learned yet how to make a heel on the looms for socks and booties.  This is a tube booty and it feels like it will fit a baby larger than newborn.  I hope this is so as one of my nephews has already grown a lot and I want him to wear what I make.  The other babies in my family are going to be born in a couple of weeks, so I've got more of a window of time.  I loved working on this project and the hardest part was making the cuff for the booty and keeping track of rows, but I did it.  I've also been crocheting bath puffs for the babies and have one done and one almost done.  I'm not sure about making more as the other two babies left to make them for are twins, and I'll either make them each a bath puff and washcloth, or maybe I'll get brave and crochet them a whole bath set to share.  I've not made up my mind.  I'm so happy and thankful to God for helping me and for leading me to friends on and off line to learn and be able to do these things and I wanted to share this great news with all of you.  I like rejoicing with others in their finished projects and am finally getting a few under my belt.  Thanks for taking time to read this and participate in my happiness.  I hope to knit and crochet dishcloths and make miniature socks with two of the looms I have and I've also got a rag rug started but have to wait for more rag material and it's a bit hard to get but making the rug was very enjoyable.  Thanks for taking time to read this novel and happy crafting.  Have a blessed day. 
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