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OT: Been Lurking due to Husbands Injury

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  • injured.retired
    We are about to move back down to where his family lives and will be able to help me take care of him since I am disabled myself and that will be a great
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2013
      We are about to move back down to where his family lives and will be able to help me take care of him since I am disabled myself and that will be a great relief for me physically and mentally as well. I love my husband as well but where we live right now I do not have any family around the closest person is about 120 miles away and that is his 70 year old mother and I have to call her to come help me when I get down and I need help with him. We got us a huge ADA apartment that is going to work great for us and I will finally have space to set my sewing area back up as we are going from a tiny one bedroom mainly just a living room and a kitchen apartment to a huge 1250 square foot two bedroom with a disabled bathroom which will work great for both of us.. It has a huge great room area and a kitchen about 8 to 9 times the size of what I have right now with finally enough space to set up my full size dining room table with six chairs plus have the second bedroom to turn into my craft room. My husband sleeps mainly on the couch because he cannot get comfortable with his severe back injuries in a regular bed no matter how he props himself up he claims the couch is more comfortable and from what I have heard from other back patients many of them find that to be the case. I find myself sleeping in my recliner most nights in the living room with him so that if he tries to get up and move around in the middle of the night I can hear him and can help him get around as he is very unsteady on his feet he tends to want to fall to the front and to the left for some reason. They are afraid to do the surgery until he starts loosing control of one of his limbs because there is about a 50% chance he will end up being paralyzed from either the bottom of the rib cage down or the nibble line down which are the two levels of his injuries and they will have to go in through the front and the back and will have to put in tons of hardware and mesh to stabilize his spine. The chances of it relieving the pain is nearly none it will most likely do nothing for the pain which seems strange to me because if he is paralyzed how will he be able to feel pain below those areas? We have gotten a second opinion for the other top hospital in the state and the top neurosurgeon there said the exact same thing as the first on did. Hopefully I will be able to become more active again once we get moved and I am able to use his sleep time to actually get into my sewing space and have the laptop in there with me at the same time. I will be able to keep an eye on him and see if he tries to get up but I will have the freedom and space to finally sew again which I have not had in this apartment at all. If I even tried to set up my sewing machine or ironing board it blocked walkways which is much to dangerous for him in his condition. Well I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and out here but have just had my hands full but hopefully will be back in the groove before to much longer as we will have the internet turned on as soon as we get into our new place. Have a great sewing and quilting day I miss it so much right now.

      Melissa W - AR
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