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  • SandyGram
    I agree with you. I have only 2 of her looms but eventually I will be getting more. She was so kind to me. I told her I didn t use credit cards or have
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      I agree with you.  I have only 2 of her looms but eventually I will be getting more.  She was so kind to me.  I told her I didn't use credit cards or have paypal and she took my check.  I thought that was very trusting of her.
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      From: Marissa
      Date: 3/1/2013 8:52:40 PM
      Subject: Re: [ROUNDLOOMS] Digest Number 2210
      I have this same loom and several others.  Cindy is amazing.  I ended up doing a special order of a 6ft S Loom.  I just wanted to be able to double knit a 6ft piece.  The loom is larger and doesn't fit on your lap but a good one to put on your couch and very easy to knit.  I do love the universal S loom and am currently making a flat knit piece that measures about 6ft wide.  It's not cumbersome to tote around and it easily fits on your lap.  I wish she made a finer gauge.  I would love that!  If you have any hesitations I'm a return customer and have about 4 of her looms --- 2 S Looms and 2 Universals.  My best friend has ordered about 4 as well.  Cyndy great to work with as a seller as well.  Just the nicest person.  Sorry to gush but she really is great!

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      Review: Universal S-Loom by "lkendallgma" lkendallgma


      Fri Mar 1, 2013 12:35 pm (PST) . Posted by:

      "lkendallgma" lkendallgma


      I hope it is okay to review products.

      If you are interested in this info - CinDWoodCrafts. com has a 60" Universal S-Loom. This is a knitting frame, a knitting rake, and a knitting wheel all in one. It has an infinity, an "S" , or a Figure "8" design, and measures 23". x 12 1/2". This can fit in my lap. Cindy is very gracious and goes out of her way to satisfy her clients.

      The loom has a total of 246 mold cast pegs spaced 1/2" apart, a total of about 120" of length if knitting a flat piece (not double-knit) . I measured it myself, and it is hard to believe when you see how compact it is. The product includes a movable peg wedge so you can knit in the round from 6 pegs to 246 pegs, about any size round loom. On each side there are 123 pegs, but to double-knit you can only use 107 pegs per side. The pegs to skip are blue (32 blue pegs), the pegs to knit are white and are about 1 3/8" inches apart (across the frame from each other).

      Cindy makes the pegs herself from a mold, to keep costs down. She does not have a mold for finer gauge pegs (the molds are very expensive). Maybe in the future, if she sells a lot of looms, finer gauge looms can be offered.

      There are no real draw-backs that I can see to knitting flat panels or in the round. The only tight spots are at the ends of the "S" which are very close to the middle of the "S" . I was able to knit through this area with tools and had no problems. Double-knitting is a little bit of a challenge untill you get accustomed to skipping the blue pegs. After that it is very easy. I suspect the blue pegs would make double-knitting a compex stitch pattern more challenging. That is a trade off.

      I am double-knitting my first afghan now using a simple figure "8" wrap. It is very comfortable to use. After knitting-off one side, I can knit-off the other side with just my fingers, except in the tight spots. This is faster than using a tool.

      Either a straight frame or an oval loom that offered 5 - 10 feet of knitting pegs would be a little hard to hold in your lap, or take with you on the go. The "S" shape makes this very portable. All in all, I find it a bargain (compared to what broken DA looms end up costing on EBay), and I am enjoying it.


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