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OT: Update on my husbands upcoming back surgery - Darian

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  • injured.retired
    We finally today after fighting with more doctors offices today got him referred to the new neurosurgeon over at the new hospital. I had called the new
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2012
      We finally today after fighting with more doctors offices today got him referred to the new neurosurgeon over at the new hospital. I had called the new doctors office this morning to see if they had gotten the referral and they told me no they had not and that made me so mad because that nurse told me she would get right on it and get it sent over there even though we did not have insurance on him which was her reason for not sending it the first time. I told her then that was not a reason not to send a referral over when a patient needed to see another doctor that they needed to leave that up to the patient to figure out how to pay for the appointment. I had already discussed how much the visits would cost and they are willing to work things out with us since we are on a limited income and he does qualify for the charity program over at the hospital. I asked to talk to the office manager of the one that was supposed to refer him over and of course they were not in but the one that was acting as the supervisor today spoke with me and gave me a run around and told me that the surgeons office that told me he needed a second opinion should have been the one to send over the referral and I said that makes no since that he basically wiped his hands of the case because he was going on vacation. She suggested I go ahead and give them a call and if that did not work to go ahead then call them back. I asked if this was the case why was his neurologist who originally had referred him to a neurosurgeon had been telling me they were working on referring me to this new one but just wasn't doing her job? I got no answer to that. I called the office of the neurosurgeon that dumped him and spoke to his nurse and asked if she would refer him over to the new doctors office and she asked why and I told her what Dr. Pait had said and she said that didn't make since because he wasn't going to be gone the whole month of November just a small bit of it for the holiday vacation. That really told me he was being dumped by that doctor and she said that his primary doctor should have been the one to do the referral well his primary doc has had nothing to do with any of these referrals and those people move so slow you can't get anything out of them. They are the same primary care people as I have and they wanted to see me in October and I am still waiting for my appointment and they let me run out of my thyroid medication the first week of September and they have refused to refill my meds saying I need to be seen in the office in October which I have been trying to get an appointment but have been waiting on them to send me the day and time but I can't get through to them they didn't even give me enough to make it to the month that they wanted see me in. So when I make it in to see them they will want to do blood work to check my level but it will be useless because I have been off of it so long now it is out of my system. But after talking to both of my husbands neurologist office and the neurosurgery office that dumped him within 30 minutes at the very least the new office called me and told me they had an appointment for my husband on the 30th at 8am which means they think his problems are very serious because they said the most serious cases get seen in roughly 2 weeks and those that are not as serious can be seen in up roughly 5 to 6 weeks which is what we were expecting them to do to him but his appointment is actually only 10 days away so they must really think his situation is severe like I have been trying to tell them and begging them to see him for. All I have to do is go by the old hospital and pick up the images of his scans he has had and bring those with us which I will go get on Monday. I finally feel like someone may be going to actually listen to us or at least I am praying that they are about to because my husband is getting so depressed because he thinks that the medical profession has given up on him and is just going to let him lay and rot away at the age of 42. He needs all the prayers he can get so add him to your prayer lists please to uplift him not only in health but in spirits as well. I just wanted to let everyone know that some progress has been made finally and hopefully we will see some positive movement from this point.

      Melissa W. - AR
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