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9419OT: Learning the knitting machine: WAs:Re: What are you doing now?

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  • amoonsinger
    Jun 1, 2010
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      Oh there are some awesome groups for knitting machines. They have ones for the bond type machines, brothers, studios, Toyota's, and others that are just combined groups.

      Then there are youtube videos that are just awesome, Diana has lots of them: her blog http://diananatters.blogspot.com/ which will lead you to her youtube videos. Plus there are more.

      Then there are lots of on line sites to help learn the machines. Another thing that I use as a source of learning is videos from Alaskan Hobby knitter. These I do have to buy but that gives me the ability to have her DVDs to take with me. They play on the computer and in DVD players. She doesn't do sterile videos that are perfect from the go. If she makes mistakes (which we all do), she actually discusses them and shows fixes.

      Then there is Susan. Susan got me started on the knitting machine by her youtube videos. She is fun to watch and actually makes videos that shows mistakes and messups. Helped me to see these and get me started. http://susyranner.blogspot.com/ Her blog at that link.


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      > wow 14.. I have one and don't know how to use the crazy thing.. got two
      > lessons with it when I bought it and the store I bought it from left town ..
      > so I didn't have anyone to help me with it..Nancy
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