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7234Re:Help me come up with a name for my local charity group

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  • Miki Zulewski
    Dec 31, 2007
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      From past experience, may I suggest that you get the group of people together first and allow them to collectively choose a name.  I am the coordinator for the prayer shawl ministry at my church.  I asked for volunteers from within the church membership.  When we had our first meet up, we decided on a name at that time.  You also will get people coming to the group for a while and then dropping out.  You will also get people joining at various times of the year as well.  I am just wanting you to get off on the right foot with you wonderful idea for a charity group.  I also might want to add that when you have your first meeting, that you establish who is going to provide the supplies for the group.  Whether you are all going to provide your own individually or ask for donations from outside the group.  I know from past experiences with the prayer shawl ministry that it is very difficult to get donations from large companies such as LionBrand, Joann's, etc.  It is not that they are not wanting to give, but that they have so many requests that they are limited as to what they donate to groups.  I wrote several letters to the yarn companies.  Some of them replied with turn down letters and some I did not hear back from at all.  I finally decided it would be better to ask the church congregation to assists us in supplying the yarn.  We had a great response and our group is going great.  We started this past spring with only 5 members and that is still what we are working with.  There is myself who knew how to knit and crochet before starting the group, there is another woman who has knitted since childhood.  Then we have two sisters in the group that had to be taught how to crochet and knit.  Then there is another member of the group that is the bookkeeper and assists me in keeping track of where all of our prayer shawls went to and such.
      Best of luck to you on your group.  I hope that I was able to help with some suggestions.  I realize that you only asked for suggestions for a name for your group, but I figured that you may appreciate a little insight as to what some of what is involved in starting a group.
      Happy looming!
      Miki Z.
      Memphis TN

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