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  • orchard130
    Dec 19, 2007
      The thing I tell myself to make loom knitting work is that the actual
      knitted fabric falls off the back of those pegs. So, the stitch that
      you make with each peg must happen behind the peg, i.e., toward the
      inside of the circle of pegs. I give each stitch a tug from behind or
      below (tugging on the knitted fabric), or a push back on its sides
      with the knitting tool until the only yarn showing from the outside
      of the circle is that across the front of the peg - no visible sign
      of the "action" going on behind the peg sneaking toward the front.
      It's like needle knitting, really - you have too tight a stitch on
      needles if the knitting isn't falling down below the needle, i.e.,
      you've got to see only the single loop of yarn around 90% or so of
      the needle. I hope this makes sense. Obviously, to do this you've got
      to do each stitch individually and in order - like needle knitting.
      While you might be able to get away with more stitches wrapped and
      knitted over using e-wrap rather than knit and purl, I find that my
      looming gets too tight if I do more than about three
      without "tugging."

      The Central New York winter is already in full freeze where I live.
      Yes, we do need something to get us through!


      --- In ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com, moonflower59@... wrote:
      > I have tried and tried to get into loom knitting.? I had been an
      avid knitter for 45 years before I had two strokes in 2003 that left
      me with quite a few difficulties. I saw a loom knitter on tv
      somewhere and figured I could most liekly be able to use THAT instead
      of the two needles method.
      > I went to JoAnne's fabrics and bought ALL the looms---from the itty-
      bitty one to the gigundo one and several in between I was going to be
      SET for the long upstate NY winter, haha! Well... I bought this
      beautiful? yarn in pale blue and pale orchid shades and I began with
      a poncho, which I ripped out several times and started over. I broke
      three of those purple hooks...and as LOOSE as I TRY to knit, I end up
      with the yarn so tight that I can't even get ot over the peg without
      a struggle!
      > I am SO discouraged because for the life of me---I just don't know
      WHAT I am doing wrong!? Help! Does anyone else have this problem?
      > hugs,
      > Annie
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