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  • Iris
    Oct 25, 2003
      Hi. I have been reading the new and excellent In The
      Attic loom knitting instruction book (it will help
      with my charity crafting), and I am learning *new*
      ways to loom knit by reading it. I also have Cindy
      Alberts' (The Knitting Loom Company) loom knitting
      pattern book which is excellent also. For more
      information about these pattern books (I am NOT
      affiliated with the companies who make them--I just
      love to read them) and loom knitting in general,
      please go to my "Iris' Knitting Loom and Knitting
      Board Hobby" page (instead of e-mailing me
      privately--thanks). There are great loom knitting
      LINKS on my page with lots of excellent information
      about loom knitting (more than I alone can ever
      explain about).
      I also thank Everyone who puts loom knitting patterns
      on The Web, for people's personal use.
      So between daily living and making more hats on my
      looms for charity, that is what has been going on with
      Keep up the great crafting (ALL kinds of crafting),
      I notice that the e-mail lists are more quiet. I
      imagine many people are busy with their crafts and
      their daily living.

      Take Care & Stay Safe, Iris
      I enjoy making things for people in need. Please read about it here:

      Iris' Knitting Loom and Knitting Board Hobby Webpage:
      Please don't send any forwards or jokes to me. Thanks.

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