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4547RE: [ROUNDLOOMS] Socks for Soldiers~ The 20 minutes- 1 pair of socks challenge

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  • LoomyJulie
    Aug 1, 2006
      Gosh....that is pretty harsh...she didn't say that you were just sitting
      around picking your nose....I've belonged to this group (roundlooms) for
      awhile now and haven't seen this hardly at all. There is a very good way to
      avoid this problem...use your delete key. That is what it is made for. The
      subject line says what it is about so just delete it before you read it.
      I hope Everyone is staying cool so tempers don't flair up....
      I've been working on small projects, socks & dishcloths...what is everyone
      else doing?

      LoomyJulie/Shawano, Wisconsin
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      only ‘dumb’ question is the one that goes un-asked!
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      From: miller_1942
      Date: 08/01/06 07:37:16
      To: ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [ROUNDLOOMS] Socks for Soldiers~ The 20 minutes- 1 pair of
      socks challenge

      well lady for your information i sent 85 care packages and lsot count of
      letters and cards i mailed last year to soldiers i adopted.. we have no one
      in the miltiary at this time...plus i work 10 - 12 hours shifts.. have four
      kids and a hubby to do things for.. I make cool ties and kisses for our
      HEROES...I have 13 hugh flower bed to water and weed.. plus two gardens--one
      i share with the senior meal site..I also crochet or knit hats, mittens for
      Afganistan kids..do hats for premmies, make squares for Warm up America,
      make lap-gans for our wounded HEROES.. plus i bake and do yard work so don't
      give me any crap how busy you are.. for your information not every body
      knits with 4 or 5 needles nor can they afford the price of wool yard.. maybe
      you have a money tree in your back yard--sorry I do not..You know people are
      getting tired of being harrased by you.. the time you take to send all these
      messages you could be kntting more socks to meet your goal...now bag off--I
      for one do
      not want any more mail from you--what part of that do you not

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