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  • xagira500
    Oct 30, 2004
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      --- In ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com, Lee Ann Hamm <lhamm@p...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      >....But I decided that I need to use some of the larger bulky weight
      yarns rather than regular worsted weight like Red Heart and Mainstays.

      The bulkier yarns are better on the Yarn-A-Round, or use 2 or even 3
      strands of the worsted weight and use them as you would a single
      thread. I have a Yarn-A-Round also and regrettfully found it
      frustrating. I now have a set of Knifty Knitters and really enjoy
      them. I am looking at getting more looms though. lol Can we say I
      am addicted?? If interested in Knifty Knitters and you have a
      Michael's near you, check and see if they have them. They just
      recently dropped their price and the entire set is only $14.99.
      That's 4 looms ranging in sizes.

      > When I made my samples, it was lots of fun. I'm still fuzzy about
      > you wrap counter clockwise or clockwise and which you do depending
      > whether you are working right to left or left to right. Oh well, I
      > that will come with practice.

      When wrapping around the peg you are e-wrapping counterclockwise if
      going to the left from the starting peg. If you are going to the
      right of the starter peg, you will e-wrap clockwise. Just make sure
      the cross over point of the yarn is on the inside of each peg. It
      doesn't matter it you go around the loom to the left or the right,
      just keep it consistant.

      > Does anyone know of any freebie patterns on the 'Net to help get me
      > started?

      Decor Accents has some patterns on their site. I know I have seen a
      few others but there isn't a lot out there for the knitting looms. :(

      >..... 'Net such as afghan squares or something.

      Afghan squares on a round loom are either going to be tubular or have
      a definite nice and "not as nice" side to them. If you are looking
      for a fabric that is the same on both sides, look into knitting
      boards. Although round looms are sometimes called rakes or boards,
      what you are looking for is a double set on pegs/pins/nails. The
      following site shows you some boards. No affiliation to the site,
      just gives you some pictures of different gauge boards and an idea of
      what the difference is from you Yarn-A-Round. While there, check out
      their instructions and patterns page. They have some mini movies
      that show some different stitches for both the round looms and boards.


      > I look forward to being a member here and take care
      everyone! :) :)

      Hope this helps some and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the very
      addictive craft.

      Have a great night,
      Kathleen, in Mobile, AL
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