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1445Yet another newbie

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  • Lyn
    Oct 9, 2005

      Hi! I'm Lyn. I'm 50, and live in Moab, Utah. I haven't got my first loom yet (it's on its way) but I have a whole herd of online friends who have been making the most wonderful hats and scarves, and I decided I wanted to be able to do that, and more, so I've joined up to see what everyone else is up to with their looms.

      When I was little I had a toy called a "Spinning Jenny" (I think) that looked like an old-fashioned spinning wheel, but really was a concept similar to the round looms, and made tubes of yard for various craft projects. I loved it, and was sorry such a thing wasn't available when my daughter was that age. She's 14 now, and loves to crochet, and I know when the set of looms arrives, she'll be just as excited to get started as I am.

      Hope to get to know everyone here, and learn all I can about round looms!

      ~~ Lyn

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