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  • Mary Jeanne
    Aug 7, 2005
      Hi Cheryl,

      So far he has not made me a loom but we have talked about it. He
      did, however, change a loom for me. I had an old board loom that
      had nails on it, and he took those nails off and put in their place
      cotter pins. The nails on either side were just straight but he
      added the addition of cotter pins on the ends so that it can be
      alonger round loom if I so choose it to be. It was also a 1/4"
      board with the nails and he worked to keep it that way with the
      cotter pins. He does an excellent job of figuring things like this

      My hubby is a locksmith and they often have to do that odd figure it
      out thing. People will have old antique locks that they want to
      keep but which need some help to work in todays houses. So they are
      always experimenting with these and learning how to adjust things.
      LOL This was a good job for him as he was doing that "figure it
      out" thing long before he started working in this profession.

      I want a board now that is with nails but has some special grooves
      in the board itself, but I have to wait till other work is done on
      the house. There is so much to do inside and out that he is being
      worked to hard for me to ask him to do this for me yet, althought I
      am looking to see if I can come up with something on my own.


      --- In ROUNDLOOMS@yahoogroups.com, "Rev.Cheryl Szlachetka"
      <rev_szlachetka@y...> wrote:
      > So your husband also will make you looms...thats nice...He's handy
      with saws and doesn't mind make them for you,you are blessed...I
      have to buy my looms and just sent for the whole set of kk..I can't
      wait til they come in....then hopefully I will learn to make more
      than just hats..
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