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  • angelbaby_1993
    Apr 13, 2014
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      Hi there,

      I have the Rainbow Loom, the Martha Stewart Loom and had a knockoff of the Rainbow Loom. I would highly recommend the name brand Rainbow Loom. The Martha loom isn't good for the majority of styles of rubber band bracelets out there. You can only make one or two styles so if the giftee wants to make stuff with rubber bands I'd skip that one.

      I would also urge you to get the Rainbow Loom brand one. You can get it at Michaels or even Learning Express. I had initially bought the no-name brand around Christmas because I could use a 40% off coupon and thought, meh, what's the difference. At that time you couldn't use the coupons on the Rainbow Loom. Well, I learned the difference and don't recommend the other brands. There are many differences actually. First, the ability of the Rainbow Loom to be adjustable and not fixed so you can make different patterns is a huge plus. You can join it to a second, third, fourth etc loom to make a bigger one. Also not an option on a fixed loom.

      The pegs are bigger on the Rainbow which means more bands and space for a larger hook. The pegs are rounder, less sharp so there's less of an edge to tear the rubber band. The size and shape of the peg makes a very big difference in the ease of placement and looping of the bands. And there's better space between pegs on the Rainbow than no-names to get fingers in for band placement and hook manipulation. They have also come out a month or so ago with a smaller Monster Tail loom and a sturdier hook with a metal tip. It's nice and heavy compared to the regular plastic one. Maybe heavy isn't the right word but it's more sturdy.

      Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give you my thoughts on it and why I prefer the Rainbow Loom over the others. I hope that I've been helpful to you.


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