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10684Re: [ROUNDLOOMS] need help please

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  • Joycee Cwaggs
    Dec 2, 2013
      Thanks for your advice and thoughts.........I had errands this afternoon so I didn't get to it but plan to when I have completed doing the computer stuff.  Will let  you all know how I do.  Am looking for another charity project and I think the hats would be a great idea......easy to do plus keep my hands and mind busy, enjoy your day joycee

      On Monday, December 2, 2013 3:54 PM, Belinda Tinsley <belender50@...> wrote:
      Hi, I also have a small head and I use the green loom for all my hats....teenagers to adults....I would only use a single thread of the #6 yarn. It is thick enough for your weather....two might be too much? Just my thoughts....have fun!Belinda

      On Monday, December 2, 2013 9:40 AM, "joyceequilts1942@..." <joyceequilts1942@...> wrote:
      I joined this group some time ago but hadn't posted or tried much looming.  It's cold here now on the Northern east coast and  my hairs a mess...yea I know you needed that information lol......so I wanted to make some fast cover up the hair hats.  My head is small so I don't know what size loom to make. I have a set of KK round looms and the hat size purple one.  The purple one seems to be way to big, and the green one in the set is about right.  I bought a yarn that is bulky sized at #6.......do I need to double the yarn with a yarn that weight?  I have been online doing lots of research but still have doubts........I hate the idea of having to rip anything I do out, but I may not have a choice.  Thanks so much for any help. Joycee from Delaware

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