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10644Re: [ROUNDLOOMS] was M.S. knitting loom kit Now: SirBump

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  • cynsms90
    Aug 4, 2013
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      He notes his patterns with his projects on Ravelry. Just did a loom along with a pattern he converted from a tunisian crochet pattern in the "Loomin' dishcloth" group.  That pattern is written in the group thread and in the notes on his project page.  

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       Where can I find his patterns???

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      My husband has two MS Looms and loves them.  The only issue he has found is an occasional peg that is loose so he swaps the pegs.  He has done LOTS of projects big and small on his looms!  He converts knitting and tunisian crochet patterns to use also...(SirBump on Ravelry) We have heard others with loose pegs has used a piece of yarn as a "shim" in with the peg to tighten the fit...

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      I have the MSK kit, but not the issues you seem to be having.  The pegs are tight, but then they do not fall out as I work.  I have only done a couple of projects, so far, but I just follow the instructions on the pattern and have had no trouble.  But then again the projects have been very simple scarfs, I have not tried anything larger.
      Hope this helps.
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      Subject: [ROUNDLOOMS] M.S. knitting loom kit....
      I just bought the Martha Stewart knitting loom kit now I have a few questions for other owners...... I found the pegs a little difficult to place in the pieces that they are suppose to go into, well they are not all at the same depth or should I say the tops are not even..... If I force the pegs into these holes and make them even will I be able to get them out?????? or are they in to stay????? does anyone know the spaces measurements??? just wondering about this... I am sure to have more questions as time goes by but thanks for any input to this matter...


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