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106015 Basic Rules

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  • Kathy Pennington
    May 2, 2013
      Here are 5 basic rules we should all "play by" in our groups:

      There are just five basic rules we all need to follow.

      1. "Play nice!" Stay kind, be gentle, and don't offend (especially by avoiding political and religious topics). And please be considerate of our volunteer list managers who may need to remind you when you stray from the beaten path.

      2. "Play legal!" Avoid sending copies of patterns, or giving medical or legal advice.

      3. "Play on topic!" We are all here to share and learn about looming.

      4. "Play smart!" When you hit "reply" the default is to send your response to the individual to whom you are replying. Hit "reply all" only if you think your response will be beneficial to everyone on the list.

      5. "Play intelligent!" Don't spend endless days badgering because someone tried to draw you into their web.