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10594RE: [ROUNDLOOMS] Re: New Here

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  • ~Cathy Turner
    Apr 29, 2013
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      Ah ha ha, sign language!  I love it!

      --- On Mon, 4/29/13, Kelli Campbell <knitter1968@...> wrote:

      I just love those people.  Sometimes you get lucky and they know sign language.  They don't understand that life is short and doesn't have a restart button.   

      Hugs Kelli
      Salem, OR

      To look more beautiful, just smile


      Do you think those are the same people as the ones who turn left in front of me and then glare at me when I honk my horn and slam on my brakes?  :-)


      --- On Mon, 4/29/13, Ann Garner <agarner@...> wrote:
      >HA HA HA!!!   "patterns are accepted"?  That's kind of funny, almost
      >like you own the list instead of being a new member.

      Cathy, unfortunately some people think they do  control any list they join.
      Ann in Arkansas

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