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Re: Any projects in the works?

I did this on a larger loom, but maybe it'd work on the biggest round loom.  I used Macra Maid yarn/rope to loom a door mat for my apartment.  Based on Macra
Martha J Banks
Apr 29

Re: Any projects in the works?

You could try making a tote or a Kindle or iPad sleeve. Sent from my iPhone
Heather Parker
Apr 29

New to looming ,wondered if someone had a lap shawl pattern for begi

Hello, So excited to try looming! I would love to make a prayer lap shawl for the shawl ministry I belong to . I have made a simple garter stitch one with my
Apr 29

Re: Any projects in the works?

Tuteate just released a Youtube tutorial on how to loom knit a faux macrame belt. Here's the link in case you're interested:
Tami Walsh
Apr 29

Any projects in the works?

Looking for something different to make besides...hats,scarfs, boot cuffs, mittens, you all know all the cold weather stuff. Any ideas?
Apr 29

Re: ROUNDLOOM -- Don't open this!

Send this to spam and don't open the link.
~Cathy Turner
Feb 23


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Melody Brewer
Feb 23

Re: Please watch out for the Virus Emails, ok?

And in these suspicious emails, don't click on odd looking urls, links. _*Anything ending in "php" is bad sign from a suspicious email, ok?*_ That's why I
Sue 2014
Dec 30, 2014

Please watch out for the Virus Emails, ok?

Sheez, I don't post much, I wish I had the time to loom again. It's one of my obsessions. I'm the list owner and moderator. I can't even see how to start a new
Dec 30, 2014

Re: Cabbage Patch Hat/Wig for loom?

To translate knitting instructions from needles to a loom, the general rule is to knit the odd-numbered rows as given and do the even-numbered rows the
Dec 28, 2014

Re: Cabbage Patch Hat/Wig for loom?

Hi Fairiwings! Yes I did...there are patterns but for crochet/knitting needles. I am trying to figure out if I can somehow maybe translate the stitches into a
Dec 28, 2014

Re: Cabbage Patch Hat/Wig for loom?

Did you check Ralvery or Pinterest? Sent from my Boost Mobile phone.
Dec 11, 2014

Cabbage Patch Hat/Wig for loom?

Hello! I am new to looming and I am loving it! I can tll that this is going to be very addicting! I am thrilled to be part of a group of like minded people! I
Dec 11, 2014

Re: Looking for a hooded cowl pattern

Does anybody know of a hooded cowl-preferably video or pattern without needing to be able to crochet or really confusing abbreviations- for adults? I don't
Nov 27, 2014

Re: Looking for a hooded cowl pattern

I wanted to know if there was a pattern that is more like a tight knit beanie than a regular stocking cap or hat ? -------- Original message
Nov 27, 2014
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