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1268RE: Problem on startup - dirty FIX!!

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  • hladikz
    Nov 26, 2013
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      Hi om's

      I just joined this forum because I got same problem - message about no internet connection on PC reliably connected to Internet..
      Reason is that hardcoded spots server is down. ROS pgm refuses to start if server does not listen with message

          "your registration could not be completed due to no internet connection"

      So  I must discover way to cheat and force ROS pgm by some "fake" server !!!
      If you wiretap communication of ROS program you can see that it tries to connect to several addreses:

        antiarrl.dyndns.org  TCP port 8000
        report.pskreporter.info TCP port 8000
         dxfun.com TCP port 8000

      So I checked which one is down - this was first one - antiarrl.dyndns.org. By dyndns domain
      I estimate it is authors home server, which is quite unreliable. It is poor concept to refuse
      to start program with spotting server down :-(. Please ask authors for rethinking concept!!!

      So here is quick dirty fix:
      You can cheat DNS via /etc/hosts (unix/linux) or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (Windows)
      So add line:


      to this file and you are redirected to local service on PC. But you need to start fake server localy:

      But you need to start fake server localy:

         netcat -vvv -L -p 8000

      Utlity Netcat (sometimes binary named "nc") is IP test utility which is able to simulate connection.

      If you will now start ROS it makes connection to netcat and if you are fast enough and type <ENTER> on
      netcat windows, this is enough to cheat ROS and successfully start it!!

      In time of writing of this message service antiarrl.dyndns.org started to work and immediately crashed again.

      So try this if you are impatient, but don't forget remove line from "hosts" file after while to share spots with other om's again.

      73                                              Zdenek OK7DR

      ---In ROSDIGITALMODEMGROUP@yahoogroups.com, <ik0ozb@...> wrote:

      Hi, today at start of ROS v7.1.7 I have this error "Your registration could not be completed due to no internet connection"
      My internet connection work fine!!! I have re-installed the program but I have the same problem....Why? I'm use ROS on Windows 7.


      73 de Ik0OZB
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