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126330 Meter Multi Mode Weekend – 27/28 October 2012

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  • Don
    Oct 13, 2012
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      *** Promoting ROS included - for more details see linnk below ***

      30 Meter Multi Mode Weekend

      When: October 27th and 28th 2012

      Where: 10 MHz - 30 Meter Band (10.100 – 10.150)

      Objective: To promote experimenting and using different digital modes on the unique 30 Meter Band.

      For a more detailed listing of this event go here:

      (You are welcome to post this event information to your other digital friends, Clubs, Yahoo/Google Groups, other Ham Related Websites, etc – please DO help us promote this event - the more that participate the more fun for al and thanks to those that participate on the 30 Meter Band!)

      The 30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG) is celebrating….5 year Anniversary, 6,000 members (120DXCC), and our 30MDG Award Program issuing over 31,000 Award Certificates. 30MDG is FREE to join, FREE Awards program with FREE Award software – Ultimate 30 or U30).

      GL and as always this is NOT a contest – no start or stop times, no exchanges, no logs to send to anyone, no winners or trophy – this IS to PROMOTE AWARENESS of the 30 METER BAND and the only winners are those that participate and have fun!

      Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001-Founder
      And the 30MDG "Team"