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1253Fatal error (BSOD) crash

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  • Wouters
    May 27, 2012
      I've downloaded and installed the latest ROS version 7.0.8 after deleting the previous one i had installed.
      As soon as i open the ROS program the computer goes in to some kind of safety mode and a blue screen appears wich mentions among other things:
      "windows driver framework has detcted that a violation has occured".
      I have no other choice than to shut down and start again the computer.

      Funny thing is it worked well at first and i even made a few surprising qso's that is untill the computer was shut down for the night and opened the next morning from this point i cannot use the ROS program.

      This problem hapened also with the previous ROS version i had so i suspect it has something to do with compatibility with win7 maybe ?

      I have the latest windows updates installed (windows 7/64 bit).

      ANY HELP???
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