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15000Re: [ROOTSRADICALS] long loaders

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  • Tone
    Apr 29, 2014
      I had to modify my longloaders a while back by grinding/hacking off just a little bit of the tubes, which slide over the wide-loaders. It has been so long I forget exactly why I did it. It might have been because I could not get the kick-back to work with my Big Dummy on my wide-loaders, which were first generation wide-loaders without the spring-lock-buttons. The only other reason I can think of for why I needed to trim down my long-loaders might be due to mounting my "dog-chariot" project. Whatever the reason was, I do remember contacting Xtracycle because I was worried about voiding the warranty for the other parts, which my modded long-loader would be connected to. As expected, they told me I would not be able to ever return my modified long-loaders, which I did not mind because I had already had them for years beyond what I would expect to be the warranty period. I was also relieved to know modifying the long-loaders slightly as I described would not affect any of my other part/bike warranties. Therefore, Ty, you should have nothing to worry about.

      On a side note, I am actually quite shocked to hear Xtracycle is discontuing the making/selling of long-loaders. They REALLY make the bike that much more useful. Even if a person does not haul long items, the extra bar in the front of the load assists in bracing, especially when braking real fast on a downhill, etc. Can anyone associated with Xtracycle on this list confirm the end of long-loaders? My guess would be long-loaders are not currently available on their site because they might be out of stock or perhaps they are about to introduce a better model. You certainly can not accuse Xtracycle of not innovating its product lines, but somehow I highly doubt they would totally stop offering some kind of long-loader equivalent.

      Ride safe,
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