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127One Helluva Decision

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  • virginiabrasov
    Feb 28, 2010

      One Helluva Decision

      Hell got bigger. Grace got Greater, and the world is heading for Hell in a handbasket. You really don't want to go there. Unless you seriously don't do something about it, You are Going to Hell. Hell was not made for you and you weren't made for Hell, but it isn't oblivion you are facing when you die, but Hell. You are going in the wrong direction and admit it or not, Hell is waiting for you. Jesus Said, Call on Me and You Shall Be Saved. We call it Salvation because it is. It is not going where you deserve to be, and that is Hell. Jesus said it, Call on me. Read these so you can be assured God wants you in heaven. "Call on the Name of the Lord, and You Shall Be Saved". Reject them, pure and simple, You Go to hell। It's your call, it just might be your Last Call. --Michael James Stone