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"Revenge Of the Nerds" By William Stone, III

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    Source: William Stone and Associates http://www.wrstone.com/ Revenge Of the Nerds By William Stone, III
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2002
      William Stone and Associates

      "Revenge Of the Nerds" By William Stone, III

      The "Homeland Security Act" is the usual kind of atrocity that we've all
      come to expect from the would-be slave-holders in Washington. In an
      astounding violation of their Oaths of Office, lawmakers have passed a bill
      that violates every single one of the Bill of Rights.

      In a marvellous display of ignorance (explained to me by a coworker who is
      a Russian expatriate), one of the Russian translations of "Homeland
      Security" is "KGB." For brevity's sake, the Act and the Unconstitutional,
      immoral Federal offices it creates will hereafter be referred to as "the
      American KGB."

      Under the KGB, Americans no longer have any Constitutional guarantees.
      None. Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone who's been paying even
      the slightest bit of attention to American political discourse over the
      last century. Federal officials have been in the process of murdering the
      Constitutional Republic since the Lincoln Administration. The American KGB
      simply pounds the final nail into its coffin, creating the de facto police
      state about which politicians have always dreamed.

      What the American KGB proves -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- is that we
      can no longer depend on government to safeguard our liberties. With the
      passage of this Act, it becomes clear that government is the primary
      violator of our liberties.

      We can no longer believe that government will help us out of this mess.
      Government is the mess.

      One of the central tenets of the American KGB is the creation of the "Total
      Information Awareness" (TIA) program. Masterminded by the aptly-named
      criminal John Poindexter, TIA will be a vast, centralized government
      database that will monitor the actions of every man, woman, and child in
      America from cradle to grave.

      The American KGB will monitor all your financial transactions: credit card
      and white market cash purchases, ATM transactions, cash withdrawals or
      deposits, checking account transactions, investments, IRAs, etc. It will
      monitor your medical data, your travel habits, your Internet usage, and
      your phone calls. It will monitor what books and magazines you read. It
      will monitor and store your private and business correspondence.

      Particular attention will be focused on your defense choices, making the
      TIA program a de facto Federal gun registration database. The hobby of
      reloading is essentially over, as the American KGB establishes new rules
      for "explosive" purchases that will make it illegal for reloaders to obtain
      the necessary chemicals without a Federal license.

      Is there be any doubt that the Republicans are just as dedicated to victim
      disarmament as the Democrats? In the name of "fighting terrorism" a
      Republican administration has single-handedly guaranteed more innocent
      deaths via "gun control" than every Democrat in the collective history of
      the nation. This in the face of the irrefutable fact that September 11
      would not have been possible had the individuals aboard the hijacked
      aircraft not been Unconstitutionally prohibited from exercising their
      natural right to self-defense.

      Once more, the Republicans prove that America doesn't have two political
      parties, but rather identical political cousins played by Patty Duke.

      TIA is the "permanent record" that your grade school principle always
      threatened you about. That it is unspeakably evil is obvious.

      Contrary to what most individuals believe, the FedGov does not presently
      have the technology to track this kind of information. As a computer nerd
      employed by a major credit card issuer, I can categorically state that
      neither my company nor any other financial institution is currently sending
      customer records to the FedGov. Similarly, your doctor, travel agent or
      airline, magazine, library, and ISP are not presently mirroring this
      information to the FedGov.

      This means that all of the TIA systems -- both those in the FedGov and
      those that providers will use to send the data -- must be be constructed.
      This process, even using private-sector talent (invariably several orders
      of magnitude superior to that available to government) will take years.

      This is where the FedGov has made its critical mistake in the attempt to
      create a police state. The systems won't just magically appear, they'll be
      constructed. Nor will they be constructed by laymen using Microsoft Excel,
      but by professionals.

      Our hope now lies in the individual. It lies in a place that should leave
      any government toady quaking in his boots:

      Our hope now rests on the nerds.

      Understand, please, that I intend no malice when I use the word "nerd." I
      myself am an Information Security professional, one of only two holders of
      the coveted "CISSP" certification in the state of South Dakota. I've
      proudly been a nerd since 1979, when my father bought his first computer
      for his business.

      The TIA systems will be built by the nerds. We control information systems
      and the Internet, not some Federal agency. This evil abomination of a law
      is only possible if we nerds cooperate in creating it.

      Do you hear me, President Bush, Senator Daschle, and Congressman Thune? We
      control these things, not you. Your systems exist solely because we choose
      to cooperate.

      It's now time for you to learn the truth of that statement. It's time for
      we nerds to become the front-line warriors in the cause of individual liberty.

      My friends, fellow nerds, we must refuse to cooperate.

      If you work for a bank, as I do, when your employer assigns you the task of
      creating the system to mirror customer data to the FedGov, you must refuse.

      If you work for an ISP, and are ordered to track and mirror Internet
      traffic and e-mail to the FedGov, you must refuse.

      If you work for a travel agency, magazine, or library and are ordered to
      mirror information to the FedGov, you must refuse.

      If you work for a gun store (or other retail store) and create the systems
      used to track customer purchases, you must refuse.

      If you work for the FedGov and are ordered to create the systems to house
      the data sent to you, you must refuse.

      Understand the consequences of non-compliance, potentially far more deadly
      than at any time in American history:

      Under the American KGB, any refusal to cooperate in the hideously evil TIA
      program will brand us as terrorists under Federal law. We will therefore no
      longer be subject to normal proceedings, such as an attorney or trial. We
      will be termed "enemy combatants," meaning that the American KGB may do
      anything they like to us.

      Many of us will lose our lives and fortunes. When my employer is ordered by
      regulatory agencies to comply with FedGov edicts, failure risks the end of
      his business. He will therefore want to fire me when I refuse to cooperate.

      It may be that the KGB will want to make an example of me. They may whisk
      me away in the dead of night (as is common practice for gun owners,
      individuals with unusual religious practices, drug users, prostitutes, and
      other persons whose "crimes" harm no one but themselves). They may wish to
      beat me into submission and make me recant my words. They may simply take
      me out and shoot me. Under the American KGB, there are no pesky
      Constitutional guarantees to get in the way.

      If they don't do it to me, no doubt one of my fellow nerds reading this
      column will become such a victim.

      Know this, however: while we can and will lose our lives and fortunes,
      refusing to cooperate with the American KGB is the only way to retain our
      sacred honor. In the immortal words of Mohandas K. Gandhi: "They may
      torture my body, break my bones, or even kill me. Then they will have my
      dead body, not my obedience."

      My friends, my brother and sister nerds, my comrades-in-arms: we are
      called. This is our time. We must step forward to the challenge, to do our
      part to see that our children are not burdened with the chains of slavery
      our governments wish to place on them. We must stand together, united in
      our cause, and refuse to be the spineless lackeys that the FedGov believes
      us to be.

      We are our nation's, our children's, our entire way of life's best hope. If
      we fail now, the only recourse our children will have is bloody revolution.

      That is our choice: stand now or force revolution on our children.

      I invite you to join me in a solemn vow, a covenant between ourselves and
      those we protect: Come what may, we will not submit to this evil law.

      The FedGov has just made this our war. Let them cower in fear before the
      revenge of the nerds.

      William Stone, III is a computer nerd and philosopher of the Zero
      Aggression Principle from McCook Lake, South Dakota. He seeks the
      Libertarian Party's nomination for the 2004 Senate race is South Dakota.

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