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Fw: Crematory Smokestacks Over Hawaii:Martial Law /Termination is Coming.

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      > --- In ParanoidTimes@y..., Ron Garon <ron_garon@y...> wrote:
      > Journalist Pam Schuffert reporting from the Hawaiian Islands
      > July 31, 2001
      > I have just concluded giving a three hour videotaped lecture
      > documenting coming MARTIAL LAW to Oahu's Patriot community under the
      > leadership of JACK O'KEEFE. The response was tremendous: there was
      > standing room only in the back of the meeting location! I enjoyed the
      > kind Hawaiian reception and people immensely. I appreciated their
      > attentive attitude and seriousness with which they recieved this
      > information.
      > While lecturing, I personally learned from the antendees much
      > regarding what they knew about coming martial law, to Hawaii. They
      > informed me that SMOKESTACKS HAVE ARISEN OVER HAWAII !!!
      > As I discussed the documented concentration camps scattered across
      > America, a look of recognition came upon many faces. Several
      > attendees interrupted me to share how three investigators had
      > researched a suspected martial law future internment area, and
      > uncovered an evident internment prison camp with crematory oven
      > facilities incuded in the security fenced-in faciility located in
      > Pearl City on Oahu. Large smokestacks rise up over the facility.
      > Although it was empty until recently, government officials have now
      > been using part of it to intern domestic sex offenders...apparently
      > to take away the suspicions of the islanders as to the facility's
      > TRUE purpose under coming martial law. But the Patriot researchers
      > who researched this facility and videotaped it are satisfied with
      > their final conclusion as to the true nature of Hawaii's future
      > deathcamp facilityunder COMING MARTIAL LAW.
      > One attendee who researches MARTIAL LAW shared at the meeting how one
      > man, with prophetic gifting, had been warning Islanders about coming
      > martial law, and shared how God had shown him that CHINESE MILITARY
      > This vision would confirm what I factually know about COMING CHINESE
      > COMMUNISM.)
      > A while ago, the British BBC sent a camera crew to the Straits of
      > Formosa to film Chinese Naval maneuvers. They were permitted to board
      > the boats and to observe. Some went to the young Chinese crewmen and
      > interviewed them. The broadcast was then aired on British television.
      > What came forth on the documentary was shocking. The camermen asked
      > the young Chinese crewmen, "What are you practicing for?"
      > The reply?
      > The Chinese government demanded, after the first airing on British
      > television, that this documentary be pulled and no longer aired over
      > British television. It had been scheduled to air two consecutive
      > nights (Saturday and Sunday.) But following the Saturday night
      > broadcast, it was never shown again on British television. (Source:
      > a military veterans' watchdog group whose leader I personally know.)
      > The reader MUST understand that both China and Russia are joined with
      > the traitorous NWO takeover elements of America through the
      > TRILATERAL ALLIANCE TREATY. This treaty makes provision for both
      > CHINESE and Russian troops to work with the traitorous elements of
      > our mililtary when martial law comes down, to conduct door-to-
      > door "search, seizure and arrest" maneuvers, to march arrested
      > Americans off to the deathcamps, and secure America under martial law
      > for the New World Order.
      > Now...the Hawaiian Islands are truly a part of America. And they are
      > the CLOSEST part of America to the Chinese mainland! I can only
      > imagine what an ideal "test case scenario" the Chinese military and
      > Navy would find the Hawaiian Islands to be...on the way to their
      > conquest of mainland AMERICA.
      > There is much evidence of Chinese, Russian and German military
      > presence on the islands and around them, with Russian military and
      > Chinese military naval vessels often conducting military exercises in
      > the surrounding waters.
      > There is a German military presence on the American military bases
      > here, as the Patriot leader Jack informed me. He said, "German
      > military (Bundeswehr) are often stationed in the security gate
      > entrances of our military bases, and you KNOW they are German because
      > their names and where they are from are posted on the welcome board,
      > so you can address them by name. We often see German military posted
      > at the security gate entrances of some bases..." I light of my
      > researching in Germany for the past six months, and uncovering their
      > I find this yet another ominous warning signal of the NATURE OF THE
      > BEAST regarding coming events in our nation.
      > -Pam Schuffert reporting from the Hawaian Islands
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