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  • Carl Svensson
    I am forwarding this to both the rlcny and rlcnyc lists so everyone knows what is going on. I would also encourage all libertarians to join the RLCNY at
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2008
      I am forwarding this to both the rlcny and rlcnyc lists so "everyone"
      knows what is going on.

      I would also encourage all libertarians to "join" the RLCNY at this
      time, and encourage my LPNY friends who are not enrolled Republicans
      to change their enrollment. Remember, you do not have to be an
      enrolled Libertarian to join the LPNY, and the vast majority of LP
      voters have opted not to enroll as Libertarians {Note: there will not
      be any Libertarian Party primaries before 2011). Indeed, if you are
      an enrolled Libertarian, you are not a member of the LPNY until you
      pay dues.

      --- In RLC-Members@yahoogroups.com, "Carl Svensson" <csvensson@...> wrote:

      Hello Everyone,

      This is the first post to this 'group' in many months, and I am happy
      to report that I expect that the RLCNY will come into its "own" in the
      very near future {not without challenges however].

      First, in large part due to the Ron Paul Campaign, we have identified
      hundreds of new Republican libertarians who we will, hopefully, be
      able to recruit in large numbers to our cause.

      Second, Bruce Martin, a libertarian stalwart has offered to revamp our
      RLCNY website. As most of you know, Barry Campbell resigned months
      ago in "midstream" of revamping the site, and the real result was our
      inability to get our message "out" to the public; this will change.

      Third, our rlcny e-Group is attracting diverse elements who,hopefully,
      will be able to work together in support of legislation and "other"
      projects where we have a common interests.

      Fourth, new elections are being scheduled for late June for the State RLC.

      Fifth, I am hopeful that we can establish additional Regional groups
      which will allow us to operate at the "grassroots" more effectively
      in the very near future too.

      I have identified hundreds of prospects in the Hudson Valley, and I am
      hopeful that we can support libertarian candidates here who have
      declared, or who are about to declare in this Region. As most of you
      know, we do have a Regional organization here, and we did work with
      Bill Schmidt to get him elected in the Fall (alas we failed 52%-48%),
      but it is a 'new day', and we anticipate having our share of victories
      in the days ahead. The New York City Region should be able to
      establish its own organization very soon, and I will do my best to
      help them in this endeavor.

      Sometime ago, we changed this group from a "leadership group" to a
      "members" group. This group is NOW for dues-paying voting members.

      I realize that there are "members" of the RLCNY who are not "here"
      yet, and that some of the folks "here" are not dues-paying members (or
      current dues-paying members). In point of fact, I do not know
      precisely who our current dues-paying members are (with the exception
      of my brother, daughter, and myself), but I anticipate getting an
      updated list from 'National' in the very near future. The 'movement'
      needs everyone here to get involved if we are too be successful, and I
      strongly urge everyone to become a "member" ASAP. Unfortunately, we
      will have to delete those individuals from this "particular list" if
      they cannot "join" in the near future. (You can join via the RLCNY

      Regional e-Groups have been established, and we are looking for
      individuals to be moderators of them {NYC's list is operational}
      We do have extensive contact lists to cultivate, and I anticipate
      (maybe hope is a better word) that 'National' can find many more
      prospects too.

      There are two vacancies on the State Board, and I am hopeful that
      these two positions will be filled (by appointment) of the State Board
      in the very near future (all our terms would end 6/30/08).

      We are also looking for a volunteer to head up an Elections Committee
      for the June elections. The responsibility of this group would be to
      "run the election", get the word out to our members that we are
      seeking candidates, and to ensure that we have a minimum of a
      full-slate of candidates for these positions.

      In our first election, I recruited a slate of candidates during our
      organizational stage. It is quite conceivable that we will have
      "contested" elections with candidates put up by a number of 'groups',
      as well as "individual" members electing to run on their own. It
      should be interesting, and hopefully, productive.

      Until we have "finalized" this list, please feel free to make any
      comments, suggestions, etc.

      Yours in Liberty,


      Two members of this group are Bill Westmiller, the current National
      Chair, and the soon to be elected National Chair, Aaron Biterman.
      Both of these folks are ex-officio members of this group, and are not
      required to pay dues.

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