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  • Nasir Muhammad
    Pat Toomey wrote: From: Pat Toomey To: nasirmuhammadconsulting@yahoo.com Subject: Make it Flake!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2008
      Pat Toomey <pattoomey@...> wrote:
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      Subject: Make it Flake!
      Date: 11 Jan 2008 13:40:04 -0800

      Dear Nasir,
      One of our favorite lawmakers, Rep. Jeff Flake, is vying for a seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee, a panel filled with big spenders. What makes this so unusual is that Flake is an anti-pork crusader. In his letter to GOP House Leader John Boehner, Flake wrote, "At present, all 29 Republicans [on the committee] participate to some degree or another in the earmarking process and are thus subject to logrolling. Consequently, far too little oversight occurs at the committee level...Wouldn't it make sense to have at least one Republican member of the Appropriations committee who doesn't earmark?"
      The Wall Street Journal editorial board agrees. They wrote, "Mr. Flake could be counted on to police the worst excesses and be the taxpayer's advocate on one of Congress's most powerful committees. This is why he's a long shot to get the job. But if he doesn't get it, we'll know House Republicans still haven't changed their ways from the Tom DeLay-Bridge to Nowhere era."
      The odds are indeed long, but they are getting better every day. Right now, pressure from economic conservatives from across the country is mounting for Boehner to select Flake. If you have time over the next several days, please call Boehner's office to encourage him to "make it Flake." His office number is (202) 225-4000.
      Also, the Club for Growth PAC just released new TV and radio ads in Maryland's first congressional district. You can see them here.
      This past week, I was on CNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews (video here). We talked about presidential politics with Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council.
      Finally, time is running out. Please join us in Florida on Jan. 31 - Feb. 2 for the 2008 Club for Growth Annual Economic Winter Conference. Held at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, you'll enjoy strictly off-the-record conversations about policy and politics with America's leading conservative pro-growth Congressmen and Senators, along with economists, pollsters, writers and television personalities. We've got an all-star line-up including Dick Armey, Larry Kudlow, Dick Morris, John Fund, economist Richard Vedder, New York Times best-selling author Amity Shlaes, Senator Jon Kyl, and Congressmen Todd Akin, Jeff Flake, Scott Garrett, Jeb Hensarling, Doug Lamborn, Mike Pence, Bill Sali, John Shadegg, Adrian Smith, and Tim Walberg. We'll also hear from a handful of PAC-endorsed U.S. House and Senate candidates. For more information, please email Stacie Smith at ssmith@....
      Have a great weekend!
      Best Regards,

      Patrick J. Toomey
      President, Club for Growth
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      Washington, DC 20036
      PH: 202-955-5500
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