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Fwd: Congressional Special Elections: Republicans Win Big In Ohio and Virginia

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  • Nasir Muhammad
    Chairman Tom Cole wrote: From: Chairman Tom Cole To: nasirmuhammadconsulting@yahoo.com Subject: Congressional Special
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      Subject: Congressional Special Elections: Republicans Win Big In Ohio and Virginia
      Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 15:40:00 -0600

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      Congressional Special Elections:
      Republicans Win Big In Ohio and Virginia

      Look Toward Special Elections in Illinois and Louisiana

      Last night both Bob Latta of Ohio and Rob Wittman of Virginia won decisive victories in what the Democrats thought would be close elections.

      The results of the special Congressional elections in Ohio and Virginia are further confirmation of a shifting political environment, an electorate desperate for change in Washington, and a wide-open congressional playing field. Both special elections in Ohio and Virginia have made one thing clear: the political climate continues to change and move away from the issues that brought Democrats success in 2006.

      As we approach the 2008 election season, Democrats are left without a winning strategy and with the stark realization that they won't get a repeat of their 2006 election success. They have forfeited the mantle of change and the American electorate is restless.

      Both of these races were won because of Republican ideals and support from activists like you. These elections are a preview of what's to come in 2008 -- and to what can happen in the Illinois and Louisiana Special Elections if we continue to get much needed support.

      If we stick to our principles and defend conservative values -- we'll be victorious next November. But we can't do it without your continued support.

      Help us take back the Majority in 2008 ...
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