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Fwd: Clean Money Clean Elections (CMCE) 11-28 Meeting

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  • Nasir Muhammad
    This is a followup report of the November 28th meeting in Albany. Stuart Berger wrote: Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 12:26:14 -0500 From:
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      This is a followup report of the November 28th meeting in Albany.

      Stuart Berger <cbgnyinc@...> wrote:
      Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 12:26:14 -0500
      From: "Stuart Berger" <cbgnyinc@...>
      Subject: Clean Money Clean Elections (CMCE) 11-28 Meeting

      I am pleased to report to you that we had a very successful meeting last evening at the Pittsford Library with roughly 90 attendees.  After a brief introduction and the showing of a video clip of Bill Bradley on CMCE (Clean Money Clean Elections), Jessica Wisneski spoke about CMCE benefits and the draft of a bill that has been crafted by good government groups, Spitzer's staff and consultants from Connecticut with input from legislators.  She expressed the intent to push CMCE through the Assembly early next session starting in January.  She then handled a very lively question and answer session.   Handouts of a simple language synopsis of the draft bill were available for the attendees.  We will put that info up on our web site in addition to links to relevent other material such as video clips.
      We ended the meeting with a plea for people to sign a "Moneybags" form with an opportunity to express interest in providing help to pass the legislation.  I have forms for you to sign; please contact us to get your form.  Also asked was for help with a number of tasks:
      -Editorial Submitter
      -Press Relations
      –-Blogger : Weekly Update & Reviewer/Commenter
      –-Communication Director
      –-Public Relations (experienced)
      –-General (labeling, phone answering, etc.)
      -Review / update our PowerPoint presentation.
      If you have the capability to help in these areas please respond to us.
      The other ways that you can get involved include calling or seeing you legislator and asking him or her to sign on to supporting CMCE and arranging for us to speak to an organization that you belong to about CMCE.
      Finally, I remind you that for us to pursue the CBGNY agenda, we need money.  So please donate what can; the ads that we ran last week cost $1500 and were very effective.  More ads will ratchet up the pressure to pass CMCE.  Donations can be made through our web site at www.cbgny.org.

      Stu Berger
      President, CBGNY, Inc.

      Nasir Muhammad
      1444 E. Gun Hill RD #17
      Bronx NY 10469
      T.917-667-4282 F.1-321-260-6121
      Nasir Muhammad Consulting.com
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