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Dionysium 5/17: Doherty on Ron Paul, hosted by Seavey

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  • Todd Seavey
    THE DIONYSIUM a new onstage combo of discussion and entertainment hosted and moderated by Todd Seavey on THUR., MAY 17 (8pm) kicks off its first-ever New York
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2012


      a new onstage combo of discussion and entertainment hosted and moderated by Todd Seavey 

      on THUR., MAY 17 (8pm) kicks off its first-ever New York season by welcoming: 

      BRIAN DOHERTY, senior editor at Reason magazine, discussing his new book, Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

      In addition to Q&A about feisty and controversial anti-government crusader Paul -- the opposite of The Dictator, if you will -- we will hear brief arguments from several people with differing views on what the libertarians should do next if Ron Paul is unlikely to be the Republican nominee: vote for Romney? vote for Obama? vote for the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson? vote for no one? stick stubbornly with Paul to the bitter end?

      Find out in the spacious room on the second floor of the building soon to house the bar Muchmore's at 2 Havemeyer St. (at the corner of N. 9th St. -- and be sure to enter by the side door on N. 9th) in Williamsburg, just three blocks east of the Bedford Ave. subway stop -- which is the very first stop into Brooklyn on the L, so it's very easy to get to.  

      Note 1: The proceedings may be videotaped by Reason.TV or others, so know that you might be recorded -- and enlightened.

      Note 2: This is the first event for the New York branch of the Dionysium, which already has a proud history in Williamsburg's sister city, Austin, TX: http://Dionysium.com 

      Note 3: If those cities don't work for you, join Todd in DC tomorrow at an 11:30am lunch at Afterwords near Dupont Circle before he heads off to attend a 4pm Phillips Foundation meeting. 

      Note 4: You might also see Todd more frequently by employing him on large, lucrative projects, since he's recently completed some major ghostwriting assignments, but he's perfectly happy to write, edit, and speak under his own name as well.  He can probably still rescue this planet by doing so, in fact. 

      Note 5: Beloved Lolita Bar has not been forgotten, and you will find another new events series, the science-themed Empiricist League hosted by Lefty Leibowitz, beginning there this Wednesday (May 9) at 7:15pm, with lectures including: Michael Malice and hideous mistakes of nature.  If Todd survives DC, you will find him in the audience.  There is more to life than politics.  

      Indeed, there is also more to the non-partisan Dionysium than politics.  There will have to be after resolving all outstanding political questions on May 17, after all.  Whether you are a liberal-tarian, an Occupy Wall Street participant (like the ones Todd talked to in an online CNBC chat last week), a French socialist, a mainstream Republican -- or even one of the people from Doherty's book about Burning Man -- it is best you attend, or the new order may well be constructed without you.  Spread the word.  (In the meantime, stay alert.)    

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