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  • Carl Svensson
    Hi Isaiah, I do know what CD you live in, and ran, in. The question I posed was what City Council district do you live in? The reason why I asked, while I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2008
       Hi Isaiah,
       I do know what CD you live in, and ran, in.  The question I posed was what City Council district do you live in?
      The reason why I asked, while I really have no "close" contacts in the NYC GOP, I prefer to see attractive, "mainstream" libertarians try to operate in coalitions rather than
      "wing it alone" on the LP line which I personally feel is counterproductive and futile, at least at this time. 
      I do not know whether or not you know Robert Hornick, but he and his "Urban Republicans" -- do not ask me how many there are -- have been organizing a  resurgent GOP for
      a couple of years, and are having their "coming out" party in the 2009 city council elections. I would like to see at least one "LP candidate" -- it would
      certainly help if they were enrolled Republicans - on that slate. I view this as a trial run for the 2010 state legislative races where I would hope that a organized right-of-center
      coalition could field a complete slate to run against our leftist adversaries. I would hope too, that they would make a special effort to recruit black, Hispanic, and Asian candidates
      in this, and that, effort.
      Do you know if anyone else is considering running for the city council, and if so, whom?  I would think that Robert would have a slate pretty much intact at this point, so a
      key element would certainly be where the prospective candidate(s) lived.  I am sure that there are districts where they do not have any prospective candidates at this time
      As you can see from the cc: list, this is somewhat of a trial balloon, but I think that it is important to draw the LPNY into a coalition of "limited government advocates".
      Robert, by the way, is a libertarian too, and is a well know force in the NYC GOP who has been, and still is, critical of major elements in the NYC GOP establishment.  He is,
      by the way, the publisher of the internet site, Urban Elephants, which is a 'community of Republicans', Conservatives, and other right of center folks'; please check it out, 
      ( http://www.urbanelephants.com/ ) and join the "herd" so you can "post", "blog" and vote in polls.
      I assume that Robert's group would have 'term limits' as a keystone issue, and that runs exceedingly well with what some of us are trying to do , first  in the Hudson Valley,
      and shortly thereafter, throughout the state. Elements of the GOP, and Conservative, Independence, and Libertarian parties are meeting for the first time tomorrow evening
      in New Paltz trying to build a broad based coalition built around "term limits",  govenment and candidate "transparency", election reform, and other issues that unite us all together. 
      I have identified a few legislators -- all Republicans -- who support "term limits", and two of them sit on the Assembly Election Law Committee.  Challengers from all parties,
      including the Working Family Party, listed their support of term limits in their questionaires for  'Project Vote Smart' ( http://www.projectvotesmart/org ) but none
      of them were successful in their races. I would hope that Robert and his associates require that all members of their slate fill out their own questionaires so that they can point
      out their "transparency" viz a viz their Democratic adversaries who will mostly try to avoid taking this "Political Courage Test".  In doing so, they could also make this another key issue
      in this 'race'.
      A note to Robert: 
      Robert,  I would hope that you have the time to share your thoughts and ideas on this campaign with a "larger" audience, and try to recruit additional support for this  effort.  Any chance
      that you could discuss this whole subject before an interested audience of libertarians and conservatives in NYC? 
      Yours in Liberty,
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