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1Conservatives vs Libertarians

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  • philorenstein
    Dec 14, 2006
      Rather Consertvatives AND Libertarians. I heard through the grapevine
      that there was a thread on Pro-life issues going around some
      RLCNYCers and I want to give my 2 cents since I was out of the loop.

      I feel strongly that we need the unity of Conservatives, Republicans
      and libertarians in RLC and we have to take on these tough issues and
      hash them out in order to find common ground. Some religious
      conservatives that I know are the strongest on free market economic
      principles and as the addage goes, without conservatives we're
      souless and without libertarians we're dreamers.

      We better wake up and smell the coffee since pretty soon we'll all
      have to deal with Hillary who is honing in on a centrist position
      regarding Life and is wooing religious conservatives big time.

      As Raquel, staunchly Pro-Life and I, staunchly Pro-choice have
      debated these Life issues and found common ground in areas of
      abstention education, ban on partial-birth abortions, parental
      notification, etc. And on Gay issue, support for Log Cabin
      Republicans, Civil Union bills etc. We need to entertain these issues
      to be able to effectively unite and fight for our core economic
      values as a team.

      With Mitchell's prominent samaurai sword collection, maybe we ought
      to rethink our next meeting place!!
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