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Fw: Volunteering Details for the 22nd CD - Hinchey vs. Phillips

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  • Carl Svensson
    I received the following today from Aaron Watson. Please review and help out if you can. See below for my notes . Carl: We have a group meeting in front of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2008
      I received the following today from Aaron Watson. Please review and help
      out if you can. See below for my 'notes'.


      We have a group meeting in front of the Bed, Bath and Beyond at the
      Newburgh Mall, 10:00 AM on Saturday to canvass.
      Also, Sunday, the Middletown Wal-Mart, 1:00 PM. The groups will mainly be
      doing door-to-door.


      We are looking for volunteers to do last minute canvassing for George
      Phillips, our endorsed candidate
      in the 22nd CD. If this were a year from now, hopefully,
      we could field, at a minimum, a few dozen volunteers but
      we do not have this option at this time.

      I will be joining this effort on Sunday in Middletown.
      Unfortunately, my wife made arrangements for us to
      see a Broadway matinee tomorrow, so I will be unable
      to canvass tomorrow.

      I am not sure how Aaron is going to handle this assignment precisely, but I
      suggest that everyone bring
      a couple of pens, and a clipboard if at all possible.

      You'll probably be walking door to door passing out
      literature to those you find at home, or leaving literature
      near the door, in a newspaper box, etc. You might
      also be caring canvassing "surveys' to make certain
      assessments, or Aaron may have you deviate somewhat
      from the above.

      Normally, you will be traveling in 'pairs" but not together to each door.
      Many of us find this type ofproject "fun", especially on a nice day. You
      get to meet some nice folks (our team), and meet face to face with some of
      the voters where you can chat a bit. Unfortunately, there is a prescribed
      "mission" which must be accomplished which does, or should, limit your
      interaction with the prospective voters this time. I suspect that the
      canvass sheets will only cover enrolled Republicans, Conservatives, and
      Independence Party people (maybe some unaffiliated folks too), but I do not
      know for sure.

      I am also assuming that Aaron and/or his associates will
      arm you with a few facts to: who George's opponent stands for, where he is
      coming from, and some of George's positions. As you have probably heard,
      supports term limits; his opponent, Maurice Hinchey does

      I hope that I can meet a few of you on Sunday, and I
      will also make an effort to say "hello" first thing on

      Paul Henderson/Joe Eldred: Can you forward this to
      "your people", and the Dutchess and Ulster RP Meet Up
      Groups too. Also any other contacts that you may have
      in the Mid-Hudson. I will forward this to other folks too.

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