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Cablevision Territories in the Hudson Valley

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  • Carl Svensson
    This post is going to two e-Groups; the RLC State, and the Libertarian-Discuss Groups. LP people please pass this along to the larger LP Announce Group
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2008
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      Cablevision Territories in the Hudson Valley (A partial listing) w/Municipalities

      This post is going to two e-Groups;  the RLC State , and the Libertarian-Discuss Groups.

      LP people please pass this along to the larger LP Announce Group (especially) and to the

      Mid-Hudson and Westchester Groups too.  If we do not “fill these slots”,  I would urge

      the LPNY leadership to try to recruit folks from your “database”.


      We appear to have a unique opportunity to expand the scope of “libertarian programming” in the Hudson Valley .  As most of you know, Gary Popkin produces

      Hardfire’, and it now appears under ‘public access’ in significant portions of NYS.


      Recently, Earl Prochska made arrangements to have this programming be shown in

      theWappingers Falls ” territory (see below) which airs out of Cablevision’s Peekskill

      Studio.  He did all the “work”, including making arrangements to deliver and pickup

      Hardfire Tapes”.  Six other territories ‘air’ out of the Peekskill Studio too, and it

      appears to all we have to do is to get six other people to “sign” an application -----

      THAT’S IT! – and,  the area where ‘Hardfire’ is seen will expand greatly in all of

      Northern Westchester , and points north and south too.


      Bill Schmidt has already agreed to “apply” for the “ Peekskill territory” which encompasses 1 city, three towns, and two villages (see below), but we but we still

      need five other individuals to “sign on” for the the following territories: “Yorkstown”,

      Ossining”, “Yonkers”, “Southern Westchester”, and “Harrison-Portchester”.  The

      municpalities – cities, towns, and villages – which are included in all of these territories

      are listed below.


      I know that there are folks receiving this who live in all of these territories.  I would

      urge you  to volunteer AT THIS TIME to sign an application –it just takes your signature,

      and everything else is done for you.


      We do have a similar situation in the “Sullivan County Territory of TWC.  We need

      someone to ‘sign there name” so that the Sullivan County folks have the same opportunity that others have (Bob Cotton did all the ‘work” for  the TWC territories

      in Orange , Sullivan, and Ulster counties that TWC handles directly).


      David DeSantos did all the work required for the “ Mamaroneck Territory ” of

      Cablevision  (see municipalities below), and he handles that territory.


      There are additional “territories” in Rockland , Orange , Ulster , Putnam, Dutchess and

      Westchester that must be ‘opened” too.  Please step forward; the “work” is very

      nominal to say the least.  Please contact Gary or myself.


      I would encourage  the LPNY establish a  ‘Public Access Coordinator’ to handle other programs (yes “we” have them) AND other parts of NYS (i.e., Staten Island and

      the Bronx downstate), and I would hope that the leadership of the LPNY would put

      this subject on the State Board’s agenda.






      914-850-0452 (cell)


      This is a “doable”, easy, and a  tangible project; let’s not drop the ball on this one.


      Cablevision Territories in  the Hudson Valley (A partial listing) w/Municipalities

      <Note:  All municipalities in Westchester Co. unless noted elsewhere.>


      All of those immediately below air out of Peekskill Studio



      Peekskill :   City of Peekskill

                         Town of Buchanan

                         Town of Cortlandt

                            Village of Buchanan

                            Village of Croton-on-Hudson

                         Town of Phillipstown (partial) ( Putnam County )




      Yorktown :    Town of Putnam Valley ( Putnam County )

                            Town of Bedford

                            Town of Lewisboro

                            Town of Mount Kisco

                                Village of Mount Kisco

                            Town of North Castle

                            Town of North Salem

                            Town of  Pound Ridge

                            Town of Somers

                            Town of Yorktown




      Ossining:      Town of Ossining

                               Village of Briarcliff Manor  (shared with Town of Pleasantville )

                               Village of Ossining

                            Town of Mount Pleasant

                               Village of  Pleasantville

                               Village of Sleepy Hollow

                                Village of Pleasantville (shared with Town of Ossining )

                           Town of New Castle

                           Village of Sleepy Hollow (located in Town of Greenburgh




       Yonkers:    City of Yonkers          



      Southern Westchester :  City of New Rochelle

                                              Town of Pelham

                                                Village of Pelham

                                                 Village of Pelham Manor




      Harrison-Portchester:    Town of Harrison

                                                   Village of Harrison

                                                Town of Rye

                                                    Village of Port Chester

                                                    Village of Rye Brook

                                                    Village of Mamaroneck (shares with Town of Mamaroneck )





      Wappingers Falls :           Dutchess County


                                                 City of Beacon

                                                 Town of Armenia

                                                 Town of Clinton

                                                 Town of East Fishkill

                                                 Town of Fishkill

                                                     Village of Fishkill

                                                 Town of Hyde Park

                                                 Town of North East

                                                     Village of Millerton

                                                 Town of Pine Plains

                                                 Town of Pougkeepsie ( part: TWC has the rest)

                                                 Town of Stanford

                                                 Town of Union Vale

                                                 Town of Washington

                                                     Village of Millbrook

                                                 Town of Wappingers            

                                                      Village of Wappingers Falls


                                                Orange County


                                                Town of Blooming Grove

                                                   Village of Washingtonville

                                                Town of Monroe

                                                    Village of Monroe

                                                    Village of Harriman


                                                   Ulster County


                                                   Town of Plattekill

                                                   Town of Lloyd


                                                   Putnam County


                                                   Town of Phillipstown (part with TWC)

                                                       Village of Cold Spring





      Cablevision Operating Out of Mamaroneck


                                                  Town of Mamroneck

                                                         Village of Larchmont (partial)

                                                        Village of Mamaroneck (partial)





      Cablevision West Nyack Studio                      Tape Format:  ½”

      235 West Nyack Road

      West Nyack , New York 10994

      845-624-3500    Ext. 288

      Three Regions – North Rockland, Rockland, and Warwick.  North Rockland is   

                                   open;  Rockland and Warwick we must get on a “waiting list”.


      North Rockland:             Town of Stony Point

                                                Town of Haverstraw

                                                   Village of Haverstraw

                                                   Village of West Haverstraw

                                                    Village of Pomona  (partial- w/Ramapo)



      Rockland :                           Town of Clarkstown

                                                  Town of Orangetown

                                                  Town of Ramapo

                                                       Village of Airmont (Ramapo)

                                                       Village of Chestnut Ridge (Ramapo)

                                                       Village of Grandview-on Hudson (Orangetown)

                                                       Village of Hillburn (Ramapo)

                                                       Village of Montebello (Ramapo)

                                                       Village of New Hempstead (Clarkstown)

                                                       Village of Nyack (Orangetown)

                                                       Village of Piermont ( Orange )

                                                       Village of Pomona (Partial – Ramapo)

                                                       Village of Sloatsburg  (Ramapo)

                                                        Village of South Nyack (Orangetown)

                                                       Village of Spring Valley (Orangetown/Clarkstown)

                                                      Village of Suffern (Ramapo)

                                                        Village of Upper Nyack (Orangetown)

                                                       Village of Wesley Hills (Ramapo)

                                                  Town of Tuxedo ( Orange County )

                                                      Village of Tuxedo Park ( Orange County )


                                                  Mahwah , New Jersey   ( Bergen County )

                                                  Montvale , New Jersey  ( Bergen County )


          Warwick :                         Town of Warwick ( Orange County )

                                                       Village of Warwick ( Orange County )

                                                       Village of Florida   ( Orange County )

                                                       Village of Greenwood Lake ( Orange County )

                                                   Town of Chester ( Orange County )

                                                       Village of Chester ( Orange County )


                                                    Hewitt , New Jersey ( Sussex County )

                                                   West Milford , New Jersey ( Sussex County )


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