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Congress.org - Elected Officials - locality information

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  • Carl Svensson
    Working Smart /Bookmark this Very Valuable Resource I just found this valuable resource; you must check it out! For one thing, you can find and contact
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2008
      "Working Smart"/Bookmark this Very Valuable Resource"
      I just found this valuable resource;  you "must" check it
      For one thing, you can find and contact our federal, state,
      and local officials by entering your zip code.  In those cases
      where you must have a 9 number zip code to find out who
      these representatives are (this is very common) it enables
      you to find that information in seconds.
      You can get your Representatives Votes sent to you by
      email weekly.
      It will give you information on all pending bills in the
      Congress .
      And so much more.
      You might want to pass this along to LP e-groups, Ron Paul Meetup Groups, etc.
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