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  • Carl Svensson
    FYI. Don Wise is seeking the GOP nomination in the 101st AD. The 101st AD encompasses most of Ulster County. To the best of my knowledge, Don is the only GOP
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2010
      FYI.  Don Wise is seeking the GOP nomination in the 101st AD.
      The 101st AD encompasses most of Ulster County.  To the best
      of my knowledge, Don is the only GOP candidate in the race at
      this time. 
      Don Wise for 
      New York State Assembly, District 101 

      April 23rd, 2010 

      Dear Voter, 

      I would like to introduce myself, my name is Don Wise and it is my intent to unseat Kevin Cahill as your next Assemblyman for NYS District 101.

      For those of you unfamiliar with me, I am a lifelong resident of Ulster County. I am a graduate of Rondout HS and SUNY at Oneonta. I currently reside in the Town of Ulster with my wife Michele and our two boys, Kyle and Stephan. I am a local businessman, the proprietor of Apex Building Co. also located in Ulster County. I have been both a Conservative and Republican Committeeman for the Town of Ulster and always active in local politics.

      Like you, I am very concerned about the direction of our State and our Nation. It seems the more our representatives do to fix a broken system, the more they screw it up. A big part of the dysfunction that has become business as usual in Albany and Washington is a direct result of the inability of our representatives to do what is right.

      It seems, especially in Albany, special interest has such a grip on our elected officials that needed legislation gets overlooked or avoided at all costs. Even to the peril of local businesses and local taxpayers.

      The really troubling thing though is that many of our representatives, just like Kevin Cahill, have been in Albany a long time, far too long in fact. Kevin is seeking his 9th term as 101st District Assemblyman. Why? He hasn’t done anything to reform Albany. He is just as much a part of the problem, more even, like the rest of our assemblymen and women, they do little outside of protecting their position and that of the special interest. The fact they have somehow forgotten who they represent is not just part of it, it’s the main reason we have the problems we have. They have their pet projects, their cronies and their favorite contributors, all taking precedent before the needs of their constituency.

      We need to send a message to Albany, but we need to send it in the hands of someone who will do more than join the status quo.

      I want to be that man, I know I can make a difference in Albany, I am beholding to no one except the good citizens of the district and will make it my sole objective to represent their interest. I have always been fiscally conservative, I have had the experience of running a business in good times and in bad and know as an employer how important it is to keep taxes and expenses down and under control. 

      For these and other reasons I am seeking your support. I would gladly meet with you one on one and discuss the issues that concern you. If you feel as I do that Albany is really messed up and needs the kind of change that rescues the taxpaying residents of this once and soon to be again great State join me in the ‘good fight’.

      I can be reached by email, donwisefornyassembly101@... or by phone at 845 616 2197.

      I look forward to hear from you.


      Don Wise,

      Don Wise for NY Assembly 101

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