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  • Carl Svensson
    FYI. As a first step in our new campaign, I contacted Senator DeFrancisco today requesting that he reintroduce S29 in the next session, and requested further
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2007

      As a first step in our 'new' campaign, I contacted Senator DeFrancisco today
      requesting that he reintroduce S29 in the next session, and requested
      further help too (see attachment).

      I will write Assemblywoman Barbara Clark, the sponsor of A575 ,
      tomorrow asking her to reintroduce that legislation in January too, along
      with Greg Ball's request to be a co-sponsor (see below). Greg, as you may
      remember, sits on the Election Review Committee in the Assembly.

      I have begun to draft a letter to to Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D) to
      overcome her objections to this legislation. Ms. Lifton is the only
      legislator we have contacted (thanks Curry) who opposes this legislation at
      this time, and I am hopeful that our final draft will overcome her
      objections (these are the standard objections), or perhaps more
      that it can be used as a model in overcoming the objections of other

      A special session of the legislation has been called, and the possibility
      exists that S29 and/or A575 will come to the floor for a vote. I will try
      to find out if this will come to pass, and get back to you as
      soon as possible.

      Since this possibility exists, I would like you to urge
      everyone to encourage supporters of this legislation to join the e-group
      NOW. As you know, the purpose of this e-group has only
      one goal: to get this legislation approved NLT June of 2008. If you have
      your own contacts, urge them to join now. If you can, post this information
      on "allied boards" so we can gather our forces
      NOW so that they are available when needed. I believe that we have an
      excellent chance to get this legislation 'passed' in the near future, and if
      we are successful, we should use this group as a model to support or oppose
      other legislation.

      To subscribe to the group, a person needs to send a blank e-mail addressed

      As moderators of the group, you all can also use the 'invite function" to
      invitations to as many as 50 people at one time.

      Your comments/questions?


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      From: "Assemblyman Greg Ball" <ballg@...>
      To: "Carl Svensson" <csvensson@...>
      Sent: Monday, July 02, 2007 6:18 PM
      Subject: Re: A575

      > Carl
      > It is up to the sponsor to decide. I can only request to be a co-sponsor.
      > Please consider calling the sponsor and urging they place my name on the
      > bill.
      > Thanks
      > Greg Ball
      > Carl Svensson wrote:
      >> Hi Glen,
      >> I am a bit confused. I received a copy of your e-mail to your
      >> associate telling him to put you down as a co-sponsor of this bill, and
      >> I related that information to a number of associates.
      In checking out the status of the bill, I noted that Mike Spano had
      added his name as a co-sponsor, but your name was not noted. Can you
      enlighten on this subject?
      >> Carl
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