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A575 & S29 Legislation to Reduce Petition Signatures by 1/2

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  • Carl Svensson
    Bonnie, Attached is contact information for all members of the Assembly and the State Senate who are members of the committees handling the above legislation.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2007
      Attached is contact information for all members of the Assembly and the State Senate who are members of the committees handling the above legislation.  This legislation, as most of the receipients of
      this e-mail know, will reduce the number of signatures required to nominate candidates by 1/2. 
      As you know, I requested help from the "troops", and encouraged those indivduals who were not members of the rlcny "outreach group" to join so that we could coordinate the actions of the many individuals
      who I thought would get engaged in this "serious work" to advance freedom.  Its pretty obvious to me that I am a poor communicator since I know that there are at least some people in the LP who are serious
      about making a positive changes in 'the system', and I know that they are willing to make an effort to accomplish this change.
      As far as I know, only Joe Eldred and I are working on this project, and we are getting some positive results.  If the LP wants to go it alone on this project, fine.  Hopefully, the above information will help
      them in this project, and hopefully, they will share with us what they are doing so "we" do not end up being counter-productive.
      IF we can get this legislation unto the 'floor', I believe that we have a good shot at getting it approved.  At a minimum, this would force everyone in the state legislation to take a 'stand', and those who
      do not vote 'aye' will be forced to pay the consequences.  In this case, next year should be the charm.
      Some history:  This legislation was introduced into the Assembly 10 years ago by a couple of Democrats, and has never gotten out of committee.  This year, a Republican introduced corresponding
      legislation in the Senate;  there are no co-sponsors.  Greg Ball, a Republican Assemblyman, has now become a co-sponsor in the Assembly, so it now has bi-partisan support for the first time in
      that House.  With Greg's support, the legislation in the Assembly now has 4 sponsors, AND three of the sponsors, including Greg, are on the Assembly Elections Committee which must approve
      this bill if it is to reach the floor. It will have to get 8 ayes in committee to make it too the floor in that House.
      Today I received correspondence from Sen. Bill Larkin stating that he would vote for the bill if it came to the floor; Assemblywomen Sue Calhoun and Ann Rabbit have indicated verbally that they
      will support it if it comes to the floor too.  Larkin, Calhoun, and Rabbit all represent Orange County (and environs), and represent Joe Eldred and myself.  As you can see, they promised to support
      the legislation if it comes to a vote, but they have not offered to co-sponsor this legislation.
      Last night, I send e-mails to the 6 Republican Senators sitting on the Senate Elections Committee asking them to support the legislation in that body, and I asked them to co-sponsor this legislation
      too.  The Senate Committee is much smaller, and 3 or 4 ayes will bring the bill to the Senate floor.  Tonight, I will contact the three additional Republicans on the Assembly committee.
      The 1st Step:
      Please request all of your people to contact their individual Senators and Assemblymen to support this bill, and ask them to co-sponsor this legislation.  Have them go on the record as to whether
      they will support this legislation or not (preferable in writing). With the exception of John DeFrancisco, the e-mail contacts for all Senators will be in "that" excel file;  DeFrancisco's contact info
      is incorrect on the Senate site, but he is a YES vote already. The Assembly excel file is incomplete, but does include several dozen contacts for Assemblymen. The quickest way to get contact
      information for the others is to go to the web:  NYS Assembly.
      The 2nd step:  Please request your people to contact the members of the two committees requesting that they vote for this legislation in committee.  Contact information is available for all
      the members of both the Senate and Assembly Elections Committees.
      If "your people" get answers....either positive or negative....please share.  Positive responses are particularly requested as we can use this information in "selling others".
      The real key to making this happen is to get the smaller parties to lean on their endorsees.  The Independence Party has, I believe, endorsed more candidates in the legislature than either
      the Republicans or Democrats.  The Conservatives would be another key player has they have endorsed a large number of these legislators.  Making contact with Greens, RTL, Liberals,
      and such would also be benefical.
      Thanks for passing the word.
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