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Re: What are the Plans??

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  • Carl Svensson
    ... There is movement, but up to this time, much of it has involved outreach , strategic planning on the state-wide level, and developing an effective plan to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 2009
      --- In RLCNY-HV@yahoogroups.com, "neversurrender0655" <Hudval123@...>
      > Im new here and expected some movement.

      There is movement, but up to this time, much of it has involved
      "outreach", strategic planning on the state-wide level, and developing
      an effective plan to get 'our' folks "here".

      One of those "outreach" meetings was with Robin Yess, the soon to be
      announced Executive Director of the Ulster County GOP. Robin was the
      GOP, Conservative, and Independence Parties candidate for
      Assemblywoman in the 101st AD. She is now a member of this group.

      Robin is committed to our values -- limited government, free markets,
      personal freedom, and transparency in government -- and rebuilding the
      Ulster County GOP to reflect those values, AND TO WIN ELECTIONS!

      One of the responsibilities of a County Chair (and the Executive
      Director for those counties fortunate enough to have one) is to make
      sure that there is a full complement of RESPONSIBLE County
      Committeemen. There are currently about 100 vacancies on the Ulster
      County Committee, and "we" have been "commissioned" to assist her in
      this effort.

      County Committeemen are the "backbone" of any political party, and
      they have DIRECT input as to who the Party leaders are, decide who the
      Party's candidates will be, and, INDIRECTLY, influence the Party's
      personna, AND they are the troops who get our candidates ELECTED. The
      RLC's highest priority is to have its seat at the table in deciding
      all of these issues.

      I am quite sure that you are one of those who would be interested in
      serving on the Ulster County GOP Committee, and if you are, you will
      be meeting like-minded individuals who will work to advance our agenda
      <see below too>.
      Based on the vacancy "numbers" in Ulster, I am guesstimating that
      there are at least 800 vacant committeemen seats in the Hudson Valley,
      with probably 50% of those in Westchester County. Much of my personal
      effort will be involved in getting our folks into those slots in the
      immediate days ahead.

      In addition, I am guesstimating that there are well over 10,000 empty
      seats in NYS, and I must also be engaged in rectifying this situation

      All that being said, I hope that "we" will have our next 'Meet and
      Greet' shortly in the Newburgh area (near Rt. 84 and the Thruway).
      If anyone has some tangible ideas as to venue, we will set it up
      within the next few days.

      In addition, I will soon inform everyone as to where we all live.
      With that information, anyone can organize their own "Meet Ups" too.
      That information will include not only your town, but also your
      Assembly district which are the key building blocks in influencing
      public policy, as well as your CD, SD, etc. Surprisingly, you will
      find that many of you share legislative districts outside your county.
      For example, the 101st AD not only covers much of Ulster County, but
      also includes the Town of Rhinebeck in Dutchess.

      Stay tuned.

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