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16"Libertarian Elected Mayor of the City of Peekskill, New York"

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  • Carl Svensson
    Aug 6, 2007
      Sounds pretty good doesn't it, and more importantly, when we accomplish this goal, it will send the message to hundreds of thousands of other libertarians in NYS, and further afield,  that  we can ELECT LIBERTARIANS if we work together on "projects" that are "doable".  The key to victory, of course, is to get non-libertarians to vote for our candidates, and the only way we can accomplish this is by getting  our candidates to be nominated by a coalition of parties that can generate the numbers necessary to win.
      Bill Schmidt is a dedicated "libertarian", and he is already the official nominee of the Republican, Independence, and Conservative parties.  He garnered the Libertarian Party endorsement at their state convention, and is now in the process of petitioning the state to represent the LPNY on their 'line".  Bill is an enrolled Republican, an active member of the Republican Liberty Caucus -- the libertarian Republicans --, AND a member of the LPNY too.
      He was the first openly 'gay' elected official in NYS, and was a co-founder of the Hudson Valley Log Cabin Republicans. At some potential risk to himself, he has distanced himself (somewhat) from his running mates, by seeking the LP nomination for himself, rather than organizing  a  "Taxpayers Party" or some other independent nominating body where they all could find a "home".  I am sure that this was a very
      difficult decision for him, but he is dedicated to establishing a 'libertarian presence" throughout NYS.  (Note:  Bill has not conveyed these sentiments to me directly, but this is my 'take' on this subject.)
      The Facts:
      1.  Bill has not been elected as the 'Libertarian' mayor of Peekskill YET.  If elected, Bill will be the 'libertarian' mayor of Peekskill, but he will not be the 'Libertarian Mayor' unless he collects sufficient signatures
      on petitions to place himself on the ballot as the "Libertarian Party" candidate too
      2.  The next mayor of Peekskill will be the candidate who identifies and gets his supporters to the polls.  This is a very competitive race, a very winnable race, but Democrats were successful in defeating
      Bill (an incumbent Councilman  in 2006 by less than 100 votes) by a stealth get-out-the vote effort that was successful.  Peekskill, like NYS in general, is undergoing rapid demographic changes and Democrats are making inroads.  Fortunately,the Peekskill GOP is an inclusive one, and Bill's running mates for City Council appear to be black and/or hispanic, attractive, and very qualified..   This election will decide if Republicans will continue to 'rule' in Peekskil, or if 'statists' garner control.  (Note:  check out www.peekskillgop.com to check out the GOP candidates.
      3.  We anticipate that this will be a very close election;  EVERY VOTE WILL COUNT.
      4.  WE NEED HELP NOW! We want Bill to be the Libertarian Party's candidate too.  We will probably need about 500 signatures on petitions to ensure this, and we will need your help to accomplish
      this goal.  We are looking for volunteers to join with us this Saturday, August 11th.  We will be meeting between 8:30AM and 9:00AM at the Peekskill Coffee House, corner of Brown and South Division Streets,
      Peekskill, NY 10566 to briefly discuss our tactics.  Please bring, if possible, two clip boards and pens.  Tactically, we are doing retail petitioning - door to door - in selected Republican leaning districts...in many cases, voters will have been identified who are highly likely to sign these petitions.  If enough people appear, we will also engage in "wholesale" petitioning -- "on the streets" -- where it is more diffiuclt to tie voters to elections districts, etc.  If we do not make our goal on Saturday, we anticipate petitioning on Sunday too.
       We do not know if anyone from outside the Hudson Valley will join us -- we certainly hope so..  Peekskill, a beautiful city on the Hudson near the Westchester/Putnam border, is accessible via MetroNorth quickly from NYC and from points north.  We will be more than happy to pick up any volunteers at the station, and direct them to the task at hand.   If enough people get involved, we can all get together for a late lunch, and really get to know each other better.  If you know you can make it, or may be able to make it, please advise us AND send your cell phone number (if you have one) so we can communicate with one another.
      We suggest that those people coming by car check mapquest to find directions to the coffeehouse.You can communciate with me , directly or indirectly, via this site, or by e-mailing me at:  csvensson@...
      or by calling (cell) 914-850-0452 or (home) 845-294-7731.  Bill's contact information is:  councilmanschmidt@... , cell (914-960-6001) or home (914-737-7118).   Please circulate this note to libertarians
      throughout the state, but especially those in the Hudson Valley.
      I will be forwarding this note to libertarians in the Hudson Valley where I have personal contact information;  I apologize for duplications in advance.
      There are currently 7 libertarian e-lists covering the Hudson Valley....and they all have very limited memberships.  If you live in the Hudson Valley, please join the group which in moderated by both Libertarian
      leaders and RLC folk, and submit all you communications to this source.  This should avoid many duplicantions in the future. You can join by sending a e-mail to:  HVFC-subscribe@....  Moderators include Don Silberger and Gerry Gershonwitz. This group has been established to communicate with folks living in the Hudson Valley with news directly pertaining to the Hudson Valley.  The geographic territory covered are the following counties: Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan.  We encourage ALL libertarians who reside here to join.....we can make things happen.
      Please join the following e-group whose only purpose is to lobby for A575 and S29 -- proposed legislation which will reduce petitioning requirements by 1/2.  LET"S OPEN UP THE SYSTEM IN 2008!
      You can subscribe by senting a blank e-mail to:  ERNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .  Moderators include Ron Moore of the Manhattan LP and myself.
      The RLCNY sponsors an e-list for all libertarians and small government conservatives from throughout the State,  Members at this time include major elements of the leadership of the LPNY and the RLCNY.
      .We prefer that communications to this site pertain mostly to state issues, but we are flexible.  To join this group, please send a blank e-mail addressed to RLCNY-Outreach@yahoogroups.com The RLCNY
      also maintains several e-lists for "members only".
      Just a reminder:  You can be a member of both the LPNY and the RLCNY, and you can be both an enrolled Republican (Democrat, Conservative, etc) and still be a member of the RLCNY.  The major
      advantage of being an enrolled member of one of the recognized parties, of course, is that you can vote in their primaries (Ron Paul supporters take note.).