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    License Bill Vetoed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have allowed illegal immigrants to get a driver s license, saying it failed
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2004
      License Bill Vetoed
      Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have allowed
      illegal immigrants to get a driver's license, saying it failed to address
      his concerns for national security. "One of the most important duties of the
      governor of a state is to protect its citizens," Schwarzenegger's veto
      message said. "Determining the true identity and history of an individual is
      a key component of that protection." The bill failed to provide those
      protections, Schwarzenegger had said, because illegal immigrant driver's
      licenses would look the same as those issued to legal California residents.

      Air Quality Campaign Could Affect Car Prices
      Riding Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's endorsement, state air-quality
      regulators are expected to launch a campaign against global warming that
      could increase new-car prices over the next 10 years. The California Air
      Resources Board today plans to put the finishing touches on the nation's
      first web of regulations that would force automakers to redesign their
      fleets to reduce carbon-dioxide discharges. Initially, price increases would
      top out at $36 per vehicle when the program is scheduled to begin in 2009,
      according to state estimates. But by 2016, when standards are set to be
      fully phased in, consumers may have to spend up to $1,064 more per vehicle.

      Gridlock For HOV Lanes?
      Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law on Thursday a measure that could
      let thousands of solo-occupant hybrid-vehicle drivers use the car-pool
      lanes, but experts warned that HOV lanes already nearly full in rush hours
      in the Los Angeles region and the extra traffic could jam up. The bill
      allows the 75,000 fuel-efficient hybrids already in use to use car-pool
      lanes without having to meet the minimum two-occupant rule of everybody
      else. The law is scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, but Congress and the
      president have to agree to it first because federal funds help pay for
      car-pool lanes.

      No On Props. 61, 71
      Last March voters approved borrowing a record-setting $15 billion to bail
      California out of its fiscal crisis. That was on top of $40 billion in
      outstanding bonds endorsed by voters in earlier elections, along with
      another $30 billion in bonds already authorized by voters but not yet sold,
      because those projects have not yet reached the major construction phase It
      is against the backdrop of this debt spree that voters must consider two
      additional bond measures on the Nov. 2 ballot.

      Both Gambling Measures Failing
      With television advertising campaigns intensifying, California voters
      currently favor two closely watched ballot initiatives - one authorizing $3
      billion in bonds for research using stem cells taken from embryos, and
      another that would ratify a state law requiring small- and medium-sized
      businesses to provide health coverage for workers, according to a new Times
      poll. By contrast, two initiatives on Indian gambling are trailing by large
      margins, despite being backed by tens of millions of dollars from Indian
      tribes and other gambling interests.

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