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1Sacramento's Dirty Little Secret

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  • Stu Adler
    Aug 28, 2004
      Attached, is an OpEd by Assemblyman Ray Haynes. Assemblyman Haynes
      posts an email like this one every week. If you would like to
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      Sacramento's Dirty Little Secret
      By Assemblyman Ray Haynes
      August 27, 2004

      This year complaints have abounded from my Democrat colleagues
      offshoring. Offshoring is a derogatory word for "reducing business
      Or, if you want to be blunt, it means figuring out a way around
      hostile business climate.
      Some California businesses have been hit with so many costs and
      that it is cheaper for them to hire people in India to answer
      (paying the associated telephone costs) rather than hire people in
      California. Think about it--it is cheaper to hire someone in India,
      pay the
      telephone company for the long distance charges, train Indians to
      English, and operate the facility in India than it is to run the same
      facility in California.
      Nobody likes it when jobs disappear, whether overseas or
      permanently. It's
      a cliche', but I'm sure the buggy-whip manufacturers were unhappy
      when the
      automobile made their jobs obsolete. Typewriter makers similarly
      had to
      adapt or go out of business when word processors and computers took
      In fact, computers put a lot more people out of business than just
      typewriter manufacturers. The efficiencies of computers and the
      have made the jobs of many clerical workers and researchers
      irrelevant. How
      many more people would it take in your office to accomplish what you
      need to
      do if there were no computers?
      But nobody seriously proposes that we eliminate computers so we can
      more jobs. Computers have made the jobs of many people irrelevant,
      but the
      efficiencies and new markets created by computers have created far
      more jobs
      than they've replaced. The outsourcing issue is actually quite
      Over the last year, we have heard our leftist friends complain
      loudly about
      how this is costing Californians jobs, and how these rotten, "profit-
      capitalists are exploiting the proletariat in California, destroying
      in their wake. The Legislature demanded a report on this practice,
      hired a
      researcher, and then introduced a bunch of laws to "stop" these evil
      exploiters from this dastardly practice.
      That report came out recently, but you didn't hear about it. Why?
      the report said that the practice of offshoring actually helps
      workers. (See report at http://www.ppic.org/main/publication.asp?
      In many cases, offshoring is necessary for businesses to stay in
      business in
      California, preserving jobs that would otherwise be lost. In other
      cases, it
      saves the business money, money that is reinvested in the business,
      other jobs.
      The study found that offshoring also saves California money. Money
      that can
      be spent for the poor, or for more cops, or for improved health
      care, or any
      other of a number of programs (not the least of which is reducing our
      horrendous debt). All in all, the report said offshoring is a good
      But you don't know that. You want to know why? Because the leftist
      majority in the Legislature initially refused to release the
      report. It
      needed review, they said. They hired the researchers, but they
      don't like
      what the researchers said. They don't want the facts to stand in
      the way of
      their political agenda. Their solution - rewrite the report, even
      though it
      is clear that their agenda hurts the poor, the taxpayers, and the
      in California.
      This is the type of thinking that ran up a $48 billion deficit when
      leftists were in charge of everything. The unions don't want
      business to
      hire people in other countries, even if that helps Californians. It
      fit their desire to line their own pockets with the forced union
      dues on
      California workers. The majority in Sacramento owes their power to
      union bosses. So--if the union bosses think there is a problem, the
      Democrats think there is a problem, regardless of the real facts.
      They don't mind the continuing onslaught of illegal aliens taking
      jobs and
      driving down the wages of the (primarily) manual labor workforce
      within the
      state, but offshoring jobs to keep businesses solvent should be
      illegal. It
      doesn't make any sense to me.
      This mindset led us down the path to destruction, which we narrowly
      We are still seriously injured. The leftists still do the bidding
      of their
      union boss masters, regardless of who it hurts. That is
      Sacramento's dirty
      little secret.
      Assemblyman Ray Haynes represents the 66th Assembly District, which
      portions of Western Riverside County and Northern San Diego County.
      more information call our office at 909-699-1113.
      Redistribution or reproduction of this article with attribution is
      and encouraged!
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