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Re: [RLC-CFLA] Proposed Resolution

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  • lpflisab@aol.com
    Al, The LP will never become a viable opposition party because they will never reach critical mass. I tend to agree with Phil on this. I m much more
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      The LP will never become a viable opposition party because they will never reach critical mass.  I tend to agree with Phil on this.  I'm much more interested in targeted, Florida specific resolutions stressing our liberty oriented values.
      In liberty,
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      In the proposed resolution I stated that we should continue working 
      within unless our goals become unattainable. I did not set forth a 
      specific time frame as to whether or not those goals would be 
      considered not attainable. As to the Republican Party it is true that 
      they have had a miserable record thus far. You have the neo-cons in 
      there who are like the Democrats. I would say however, that I would 
      exhaust every remedy possible working from within. If that were not to 
      work I would exhaust every remedy possible helping the LP become an 
      opposition party. Nevertheless, we need to keep that possibility in the 
      back of our minds. Walter Williams spoke about secession. When Tom 
      Feeney was speaker of The Florida House, he also mentioned secession if 
      the Federal Government keeps up its growth. A town I believe in Vermont 
      or Massachussetts is trying to secede from that state to become part of 
      New Hampshire. How about the former communist bloc nations in Eastern 
      Europe? The South did have the right idea at the time and they almost 
      won the Civil War. We need to use history as our guide. Additionally, I 
      said that if it were to come to that of secession I said we would or 
      should petition again doing it within the rule of law. Al.
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