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      Please pass this on

      To Your Success!
      R. B. Lee
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      Sent: 6/18/2009 4:55:14 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
      Subj: Important Meeting Tuesday June 23
      To All OSCEOLA Homeowners and Landlords and those who might someday be: 
      Whether you currently own or rent a property in Osceola County you should be aware and against a project that has been defeated not once but 3 times.  The problem is that big money is involved and masking itself as something called workforce housing.  Sounds harmless enough until you look past the benign title.
      The developer and Osceola School system (actually a small but vocal group from the School Board) and the Osceola County School District want to develop 122 units that will never pay a cent of property tax in this County.  The materials will be purchased and again no sales taxes will be paid.  All of this to create affordable housing in a County where you can buy a 3 year old foreclosed home for under $75,000. 
      Their already published rents are higher than existing rents and there are no shortage of rentals available.  The original idea was to rent at 80% of market rents (a benefit of being tax exempt) in competition with local landlords who actually pay property taxes.
      OK enough ranting, please read the attached e-mail from my good friend Tom Long, President of the Osceola County Landlord Association and attend this meeting if you are able.  There are millions of tax dollars at stake and when somebody gets an exemption, the rest of us get to chip in to cover the revenue shortfall.  Only the revenue is falling into the developers pockets.  Thanks!
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      Sent: Thu, Jun 18, 2009 7:58 am
      Subject: Bad news

      Fellow Landlords,

      Below is the email sent to you the other day.  Only 6 of you
      replied to say you would sit in the room to help out.  That is all I am asking.  Come to the meeting and sit in a chair.  Bring a magazine, knit or write letters, just be there.  I am asking you PLEASE to reply to me that you will be there.  We need lots of people in seats BEFORE 5 PM

      There is a School Board work shop that will be held Tuesday, June 23rd at 5 PM. The purpose is to bring out concerns and questions regarding Signature Crossing.

      This is a 122 unit apartment complex that will be owned by an Atlanta, Georgia nonprofit.  The Developer and General Contractor are both from out of County, so the bulk of the profit from the construction will also be taken out of county.

      The land will be owned by the School District. Therefore, they will pay no sales or property taxes.  This means that every business and taxpayer in Osceola County will be making up the loss of over $300,000 a year.

      Be advised that the County is seeking methods to raise sales, gas and property taxes and the School Board will be increasing property taxes by a quarter mill.

      You know I have been shouldering this fight for your interests and hate to ask you to go to another meeting.  I am asking you to respond to this email so I can give you our strategy.

      This is an
      urgent request that all members attend this meeting to voice your displeasure with the School Board.  If we do nothing, we fail.  The meeting again is Tuesday, June 23rd, 5 PM.  The location is 817 Bill Beck Blvd., Kissimmee

      from Tom Long
      Osceola County Landlords Association
      Florida Non Profit N05000001967
      We meet the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:30pm
      Kissimmee Utility Authority
      1701 W. Carroll St.
      Kissimmee, Florida 34741
      click here for maps

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