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Re: [RLC-CFLA] Proposed Tax Relief Senate version

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  • John Conway
    Al, Property taxes are not what they seem. I posted here what the county and city governments were up to and no one responded. Why would county governments
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         Property taxes are not what they  seem.  I posted here what the county and city governments were up to and no one responded.  Why would county governments be opposed to property tax relief in the first place?   I can tell you from the documents I have gotten that it is just more plunder on a scale people can't think with or comprehend.  If they would actually look, it would drive them out of their comfort zone and burst their "my government" bubble.
         Here are a couple of facts:  My county, Pinellas, over taxed us to the tune of 328 million dollars in 2002.  At that time they had 2.6 billion dollars in off budget investments.  Half of all the investments went to buy "United States Government  'Agency'  Securities."  We found out that that was the Federal Reserve Board 'Agency.'
          What I'm getting at is this, we deserve what is happening because we can't confront this level of tyranny.  Personally, I have stopped fighting it.  Let them wear their chains with some comfort.

      In Liberty,
      John Conway

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      The Senate version of property tax relief is nothing more than an INSULT to we the tax payers. IT DOES NOTHING TO PROVIDE ANY REAL PROPERTY TAX RELIEF.
      Apparently the municipalities and county governments are trying to make sure the Senate version is completely watered down. THAT IS A TOTAL OUTRAGE!!!!! !!!.      

      We need to demand from the Senate that they provide an alternative i.e. a sales tax. That way property owners will not have their homes taken away if they are unable to pay their tax bill.. It is up to we the citizens to demand not only that but they roll back taxes to before 2002. CITIES AND COUNTY GOVERNMENTS SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED FOR NOT EXERCISING FISCAL RESTRAINT!!! !.   We are the tax payers. It is time to hold back the local leviathan and tell our Senators that we are the bosses and not the government. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!.       Al Gutierrez

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